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As a reminder to all members of the Depth Psychology Alliance community web site: The Vision of Depth Psychology Alliance includes, among other things, to 1) foster insight and 2) aspire to be a source of warmth, replenishment, and interconnectivity for our members/participants. 

To that end, any posts that are not aligned with this vision—that are not reflective, not contributing to depth psychology dialogue or ideas, not promoting good depth work in the world, or that are not conducive creating a safe space for all in which to engage with soul will be deleted.

Anyone posting in a way that violates these guidelines will be reminded of our guidelines once. Anyone not complying after a reminder risks being immediately removed from the site/group. We want to protect our members and make the experience of perusing posts on the Alliance a soulful one, to the best of our ability.

Constructive criticism or suggestions are welcomed, and we will do our best to address them in a reasonable amount of time, but only if you email them to

Thank you all for your participation. Let's make this a place of love, compassion, joy, and deep inquiry into the margins of our experience, and most of all—of soul. 

Thank you!

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  • Last week I got into a tussle under a New York Times Facebook link about...wait for it...pandas.


    Even now, a week later, I'm laughing over how INTENSE and fierce we became over a very minor point about adorable furry little baby pandas that normally would make everyone melt with cuteness overload and let out long collective "Squee." It's like lucid dreaming where you step back and recognize "Wait. It's okay. I'm in a dream." I need to step back and remind myself, wait, it’s okay, I'm on Facebook (or the Alliance).

    And if a site dedicated to psychology doesn't attract its share of interesting characters, then in my opinion we're doing it wrong. ;) I hope we can celebrate that for the awesome thing it is.
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    Individual blog and discussion postings can be controversial and cause consternation to the commercial/educative interests who are advertising their seminars books and the politically correct of course.. The ultimate solution when the time is right may be to move the discussions and blogs onto the back pages. It is just a matter of when to do so, as the participation rate of membership is very low at the moment.

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    Char--I totally agree. I am personally particularly sensitive to what is going on in our environment and our culture--as a result of our anthropocentric habits and beliefs, but I know as a general rule, most people--myself included--are inclined to prefer denial or implementing coping mechanisms because the reality of what we are facing is so profound that it would cause a tremendous amount of anxiety if we really allowed ourselves to regard it and more, to engage.

    I read articles about the crisis we face on almost a daily basis, but sometimes find even I am overwhelmed. It does--rightly so--bring up many repressed but very valid emotions. I am grateful to you and to all of us who are willing to bring it up anyway, because before we are all through, there is going to be a profound need for some of us to look and find a way to re-center ourselves so we can help everyone get through what are sure to be difficult times. Please do continue to post as you have. I appreciate it--and I'm sure many others do as well.

  • Hi Char, and everyone. This reminder is for everyone and not directly related to your specific posts. We all greatly appreciate participation from members in the form of interesting information, insights, sharing, etc. As we move toward opening the content here on the Alliance to an even wider community, we just want to make sure we are continuing to hold true to our vision and mission and to stay on focus for what the Alliance is about. We simply want to be more engaged around making sure the space feels safe and welcoming for everyone, and that posts are not taking people off topic or making them wary of participating for any reason. We want to be a place where everyone feels safe to discuss and share, so we are just suggesting we are going to be more focused on that as we move forward. Thanks for asking.
  • I enjoy your flurries. :)
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