Hello yea invisible people.  I just showed up at the dance with that shy sense that I don't know anyone in the room.  Alas, I showed up.  I am a hodgepodge of activity - writing a book that's a mytho-trickster adventure 3/4s complete (the first chapter is published in the current issue of Mythopoetry Scholar), a CMT, working with body and World Body, a driftwood artist, not too savvy on the computer but working on it, PhD in Psych, presently certifying as a doula, about to start certification in water therapy (either aquatic integration or watsu), considering licensing as an MFT as San Luis Obispo County where I live may be too difficult for Psych Lic that would align with my interest in soul.  Anyone knowing otherwise I invite to give me head's up.  Also a beach girl, ocean junky, boogey-boarder and kayaker.  Because I'm not computer savvy, please realize that if you don't receive a response it would most likely be because it didn't come to my "in" box on my computer reminding me to check in with the site.  One step at a time - for now, the shy one who just entered the dance in that High School Gym like cyber space.  Carry on!  Mary

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        • Beautiful red skies (hopefully all at night). :)
        • my local San Simeon landscape:



      • I think the film (and book) was called The Shipping News - Nova Scotia coast - so rugged and majestic and violent and I leapt out of myself in seeing the imagery having such a deep felt sense that it was HOME!  My beloved San Simeon (CA) coastline has a similar effect on me....  Mary
        • Great movie, don't know about the book, but I do have the soundtrack...wonderful.
  • May I have this dance??  :)
    • Well, Ed, most certainly, especially since you produced a giggle from me which is the ultimate way to win my favor!  Yes, let's!  Mary
      • Do you mind if I place a few cut-outs of feet on the floor?  :)

        I am impressed with the breadth and depth of your experience, training, and interests (doing one thing is so boring) and look forward to learning about them from you BUT what got me was your being an ocean junkie.

        So...can I get you some punch? spiked or not?

        By the way, I'm wearing a turquoise paisley tux with black velvet lapels (sadly, I actually had this "back in the day").


        • You are one funny fella, Ed, and that is a very high complement!  I was thinking after I posted my intro note that it probably wasn't such a good idea using the word "junkie" in the psych community - so all the more delight that you caught that.  If you've got an utterly awesome turquoise paisley tux with black velvet lapels, not sadly at all, and it certainly indicates not needing foot cut-outs on the floor.  And by the look of things shamanic in your pic, how will I know what shapes to cut?  Yes, by all means, punch would be nice and go ahead and spike it!  I look forward to learning about your life adventures as well!  Mary
  • Welcome Mary....I'm fairly new here myself and try to find time to contribute....I particularly like some of the videos being offered for viewing...hope you have a reward experience here....
    • Thanks for the welcome Jamie - I look forward to meeting this community and our shared interests.  Warmly, Mary
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