This recently published work echoes much of Jung's thinking. It presents a simple hypothesis, that consciousness has been encoded in all the forms of matter, the most complex being the encoding of the evolutionary experience in DNA.

Science, it proposes, has been the incremental recovery of this evolutionary memory.

Since the evidence for this hypothesis crosses all the epochs and disciplines of scientific thought it is here narrated for the right brain as a poetic rosary through Western recovery. The 'beads' of genius are the moments when consciousness achieves its major syntheses, binding together previously irreconcilable alternatives. Thus Man has moved from the holisms of early Greek thought (Parmenides, Empedocles, Heraclitus, Pythagoras) through divisions, and now involution re-approaches a new unity of holarchies, fields, energy, holograms, fractals, and the last of the two irreconcilables, quantum theory and relativity.

The poetic narrative is augmented by copious scientific and historical endnotes.

A review is posted on the New Consciousness Review site here:-

The book was nominated runner-up Book of the Year (2013) by the Scientific and Medical Network, and reviewed by the Director, David Lorimer.

Much of the book can be perused on the website, as well as excerpts, readings, reviews and in-depth interviews.

It can be found here-

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