Philippa Rees replied to Willi Paul's discussion “enough.” by Willi Paul in New Global Mythology
"Bravo! On a similar theme this might interest you (and others)"
Sep 7, 2014
Philippa Rees left a comment on New Global Mythology
"Thank you for the welcome to your group. Will seek out a pithy extract for the workshop!"
Jun 3, 2014
Philippa Rees left a comment on New Global Mythology
"Involution- An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God offers a new vision of science as the incremental recovery of memory. Told poetically with linked footnotes, and much can be sampled here  It is a new mythology that…"
Jun 3, 2014
Philippa Rees replied to Judith Harte,Ph.D.'s discussion Questionnaire for proposed DPA coference
"Me too Jayne, and for the same reason- link broken."
Mar 18, 2014
Depth Alliance commented on Philippa Rees's blog post Mavericks and the Dominion of Memory
"Hi Phllippa. Welcome to the Alliance, and thanks for sharing your work here. Indeed, our vision is to make this exactly the place where people can share their depth psychology work with likeminded others---and where those "others" can find topics…"
Mar 15, 2014
Philippa Rees left a comment for Mark Sipowicz
"DEar Mark,
What a very nice welcome letter. Thank you. I have already been trawling the site and today spent some time on the contributors to Synchronicity Conference, in making them aware of my recently published book 'Involution-An Odyssey…"
Mar 15, 2014

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  • Hi Philippa - Thanks for joining us. 

    Can you participate in the New Global Mythology eWorkshop? Details here:


    Willi Paul
    New Mythologist & Transition Entrepreneur | Magazine |
    @planetshifter @openmythsource @PermacultureXch
    415-407-4688 |
  • Thanks Philippa, good to be in touch with you. I was really impressed with your fireside video discussion describing the experiences that lead you to write "Involution." I'm glad you've already begun to explore the Synchronicity Symposium and its offerings--I definitely thought of your connection to that work when I heard you speak. Also, if you are not yet familiar with Veronica Goodchild and her work, you will want to track down a copy of her "Songlines of the Soul." I will look forward to hearing more of your story from the unconscious and its gifts of re-visioning our notions of progress and knowledge. The story as you told it in the video struck me as courageous, humble, and in profound service to our collective consciousness. Thanks!

  • Greetings Philippa and welcome to the online depth psychology community. It's great you've found us! I hope you have the opportunity to share and receive all the resources that flow in the roots and canopy of this tree of depth thought, teaching, and practice.

    We are in the early planning stages of a Depth Psychology Alliance Conference and we would love your input. Click here to answer four short questions.

    As you may know, we currently have over 3000 members from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared.

    We recommend that to get started, you personalize your profile photo by going to your "My page" and rolling your cursor over the default C.G. Jung image. That will give you the option to switch it to a person picture. As well, there are many opportunities to engage as you browse the site. When you're ready to jump in, please feel free to post a topic for discussion in the forum, respond to another member's post, or share a link to an article or web site you like.

    Here's a link to the In-depth Course on Alchemy: Embodying James Hillman’s Alchemical Ps..., co-organized by the Depth Alliance. In case you missed Mythic Activism with Alliance board member and Terrapsychologist, Craig Chalquist it is still available for you. And here's a link to help you navigate the site for your convenience.

    You can also weigh in on the weekly depth discussions by clicking the image and quote at the top of the home page.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the community.

    ~With heart and depth, 

    Mark, Board Member

    Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them. --R. Tagore

    Mark Sipowicz, Jungian Rites of Passage Guide
    MA Depth Psychology
    Wilderness Guides Council Member
    Boulder, CO 
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Mavericks and the Dominion of Memory

I am really delighted to have found the DPA! I believe it likely to add real friends with an orientation towards transpersonal experience, and those to offer candid views and tolerant exchanges. Its ‘broad base’ has great appeal.


This initial post is simply to introduce a book ‘Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God’ which can be fairly easily perused on this website Involution-An Odyssey …

Read more…