We are into the Transition Era where new alchemiespermaculture and Nature are morphing both values and landscapes.

Center hear: Are the classic myths still firing our spirits and stories? 

Join us on a grand journey, fueled by tunes, poetry, sound symbols and plows in the New Global Mythology.

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  • Very good. We are also connected vis Academia.edu now. Looking forward to your ideas.  - WOX

  • Paul - I don't see the posters?

  • " ... 2 posters on my page?" Please explain. Paul. Thx

  • Paula, Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, is full of such courses, which is grad school, so if that's your situation I would check that out. I'm not the best person to advise on other grad programs or any undergrad.

  • Hello~this may not be the place to inquire, but perhaps someone may have insight as to what universities offer Jungian Psychology courses. I am interested in Archetypal and Women's studies, in particular. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome. Thank you! Paula

  • Thank you for the welcome to your group. Will seek out a pithy extract for the workshop!

  • Involution sounds like a prime idea for your eWorkshop contribution!  Willi

  • Involution- An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God offers a new vision of science as the incremental recovery of memory. Told poetically with linked footnotes, and much can be sampled here http://involution-odyssey.com/  It is a new mythology that recovers the role of consciousness finding the artesian individuals to convey it through time.

  • Hey Aleksandar, 

    in terms of what I said January 5 "trailers are made to look like one stock movie" I bumped into something that says the same thing but in a much funnier way.  It's a trailer for MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL given the "Hollywood Mythic" treatment.  I thought you'd appreciate it.


    PS. I saw Aronofsky's Stalker and liked it, especially the dream sequence and the discussion of art that followed that.  Sorry I haven't been able to be a better correspondent.   I enjoy your posts/discussions suggestions.


  • Well, maybe I"m wrong and it is just that all trailers are just made to look like one stock movie.  

    I don't think I've seen any of Aronofsky's films. I remember wanting to see The Fountain but I didn't.
    I've been really turned off by films for a long time which translates to me getting out of the habit of seeing even the movies I want to see. Just a personal quirk. I've seen Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain and whatever else of his I could on Youtube and Amazon Prime. I want to read The Incal by him and Moebius but I haven't been able to find the whole thing for a reasonable price.

    I haven't seen any film with Jodorowsky's kind of scope and ambition in a long time. Maybe Lars Von Triers -- AntiChrist, Dancer In the Dark, Dogville. I haven't seen Melancholia. I'd like to. I appreciate Von Triers is trying to do something but where he tries I think Jodorowsky succeeds. But I did love the conversation in the car in Dogville that leads to the resolution of the film. A perfect example I think of Jung talks about one-sided thought being met by its "other side" in expressions from the unconscious.

    I haven't seen or even heard of Tarkovsky's Stalker. Can you say more about it? Also, I read Hermann Hesse awhile ago but never The Glass Bead Game. You say he writes about a new mythology there. Is it a big part of the book? Would you recommend reading it solely for that theme?

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