• Hello Mats, I thank you for your criticism. I have been meaning to change the colours on my web site, but I am extremely busy with other work. I should, as you suggest, provide a summary of what my book project is about rather than the lengthy Preface that explains how I got involved in the problem of self-harming behaviour and how it has taken me 7 years of intensive research and study re the mythology of the maiden's descent into the underworld to finally solve the puzzle. That missing piece of the puzzle is another myth that is taking place at the same time but is hidden behind the popular epic drama of the maiden's descent. 

        But the real problem surrounds the fact that many millions of dollars are spent on the problem of anorexia nervosa and that some young women are dying from the disorder but when someone discovers the key to the mystery, everybody runs and hides from it. Lately, I came to understand that there are cultural and ego based taboos against understanding certain things because the psyche is playing games with people and understanding would spoil the game. The psyche throws up these foreboding taboos to keep the game spinning. For some unknown reason I have broken out of this taboo thing, but find myself at odds with the undead masses who are being carried aloft by the participation mystique involving the psyche's destructive myth making, i.e., the spin-off from ignoring the Shadow. No person can be a true Jungian analyst who does not understand the mythology and religion behind the culture he or she lives in. Consequently, I have been ignored by these so-called Jungian analysts---they are self-deceiving fakes who keep congratulating each other to keep up the illusion. They need to understand that self-harming behaviour, especially that of anorexia nervosa, is an intimate part of modern mythology. There are absolute no Jungian analysts out there who understand the underlying mythology behind anorexia nervosa. Simply put, I have explained anorexia nervosa in terms of mythology in the manuscript of my book project---mythology of which I have not talked about on my web site. All I need is some support, so I can put the manuscript into book form in order to be distributed.

        Malcolm Timbers

        • What kind of "support" are you looking for? For instance, you can use Amazon Self Publishing to publish your book both in paper and ebook form. One cannot hope for a better marketing platform, because the book is published on Amazon sites in the Americas and Europe. Carl Jung complains about how soon good books turn into mere items in a reference list. This is not a problem anymore. Modern intellectuals are very privileged.

          Just see to that you get your references right and that you find as much support as possible in other authors. For instance, I read a book by Wedekind ("Spiritual Entropy"), about the moral implications of thermodynamics. Since he is a devout Christian, he knew nothing about Neoplatonism or Asian philosophy, so he never cited them. If he had done so, the intellectual status of his book would be much higher.

          M. Winther

          (As a besides, the software of this site is malfunctioning. A few times, when I have been writing messages, the page has reloaded spontaneously and my text has disappeared. It is enormously frustrating. So it is necessary to write the text in Note Pad first, and then copy and paste into the text window. It is this kind of thing that makes people stop participating.)

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    • Malcolm, this discussion within a discussion is seriously challenging my capability to comprehend and respond, even though I find it both interesting and disturbing. I suppose (I might be wrong) that, of all substances, heroin addicts are similar to those anorexic individuals who are sick and tired of a decadent world without passion or purpose. Like I've already written, I'm seriously challenging myself while trying to make a coherent opinion and comment. I'll finish it with two Youtube videos. - Mastodon - White Walker (Game of Thrones) - The Prisoner - The General (a computer/machine/soulless surrounding incapable to answer "Why?")

      • Hello Aleksandar, I looked at the youtube videos you provided links to. You should realize that I do not have either TV or Internet service where I live. I have seen some TV programmes while staying at my sister's place, but for the most part I am unaware of most TV stuff. The video re "Game of Thrones" suggests how an individual who has arrived at a difficult point sees Shadow projections because he has not understood or accepted it in terms of psychic reality. And the question "why", re the Shadow, cannot be answered. We can only accept the paradox of the Shadow within our own psyche.

        I am familiar with the TV series The Walking Dead because I have the videos. I decided to do an analysis of The Walking Dead because it is said the be the most popular TV series ever. Whenever something involving undead things become hugely popular it is because it is saying something about our culture in metaphors that can be interpreted in many different ways. I interpret it in a Jungian sense where the undead represent unwanted thoughts, compulsions and feelings. The adventures of the heroes of the show represent some of the underlying conflicts taking place in our culture. I have an analysis of some of the themes on my web site The Art of Tragedy

        In my analysis I analyse one of the most disturbing human characters of the first several seasons of the show. I also explain some of the factors behind why anorexia nervosa is not allowed to be understood. The modern technological age gave rise to an epidemic of self-harming behaviours, but cannot explain "why," The result of the question "why" is portrayed in The Walking Dead as the breakdown of the technological culture into a dystopia.

  • "any communication" - Maybe at some point people are tired of trying.

    • I've read your post "Tired. "No Aleksandar, there is a definite mental block involved in order to keep up the participation mystique with the psyche's destructive reactionary mythology. No one can become individuated in the Jungian sense of the word as long as one is caught up in the participation mystique. I am very wary of so-called Jungians, because most are fakes with ulterior motives, Hillman being a prime example. Please note, I am not political, and neither was Jung, C.G. Jung, C.W. Vol.18, paragraph # 1301: 

      "As a psychologist I am deeply interested in mental disturbances, particularly when they infect whole nations. I want to emphasize that I despise politics wholeheartedly: thus I am neither a Bolshevik, nor a National Socialist, nor an Anti-Semite. I am a neutral Swiss and even in my own country I am uninterested in politics, because I am convinced that 99 per cent of politics are mere symptoms and anything but a cure for social evils, About 50 per cent of politics is definitely obnoxious inasmuch as it poisons the utterly incompetent mind of the masses. We are on our guard against contagious diseases of the body, but we are exasperatingly careless when it comes to the even more dangerous collective diseases of the mind."

  • Those who don't learn from mythology are doomed to repeat history!

  • I am fortunate to have had conversations with Marion Woodman related to these ideas.

    I think on one level she is referring to the ability to hold the paradox; what C.G. Jung would have referred to as "holding the tension of the opposites" to allow a "third transcendent function" to emerge that allows an archetypal understanding that both bridges and transcends an untenable life situation. The "meaning making" function comes through utilizing metaphor, symbol and image. Marion referred to "metaphor" as the bridge that connects the opposites, serving  as  "transformer" between the Archetypal world and the material world in which we daily reside. We thus; can connect Spirit and Matter,  imbuing matter with spirit. We are then embodied soul and live on two levels.

    Thank you for this opportunity to muse on one of my favorite subjects and connect with others musing also.

  • A living religion is important in that it supports a rich mythology true to an intuitive understanding of the psychological world of archetypal energies that exist in our collective unconscious. Religion gives these archetypal energies names, places, and dramatic stories that speak to something deep and moral within us. They are personal forms of Gods and Goddesses who walk with us, giving familiarity and meaning to the crises and emotional disasters of everyday living. Even more important, they point the way to a pilgrimage through the labyrinth of terrifying danger and destruction in hopes of resolution and wholeness. A religion’s divinely beautiful temples give a temenous of both the aesthetic and the spiritual underlying and transcending everyday reality. Its accompanying demons challenge us to become more critical, separate, and individual. This mythological reality brings a depth of intriguing significance to the attempted sacred personas of a culture’s public figures, their art, literature, poetry, music, dance, and films.  

    A living society embraces these myths and celebrates them as a mob consciousness in the form of rituals, cultural holidays and festivals over the course of the year cycle. These holy days repeat cyclically through many decades and over centuries, linking us in consciousness to all that has come before and even reaching forward into the future toward those who will come after us. 

    • What first comes to mind is what fascinating creatures we are! We still have our circadian rhythms, often deeply compartmentalized in our psyche. Animals have their rhythms tuned to sleep, safety, food, predators and prey. As humans we have created mirrors to these rhythms and created myths and rites layer upon layer which both align us with our deeper stories that are in a place words can scarcely define...working with mental with mental health diagnoses I have been able to see tremendous soul work in integrating these belief system mirrors, these stories. In positing our myths and archetypes as safe templates for thought and self discovery I see former taboos broken down to be less of the "other" and more of or shared experience, hence dissolving fear in examination and finding pieces of ourselves in these stories, constructs and archetypes. In this way of approaching myth and archetype I've seen fear dissolve and self discovery embraced across a wide variety of backgrounds. It lands up serving an important role in healing and integrating more of the mirror which is after all a veiled illusion of separateness...
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