I recently found this interview with Edward Edinger and Lawrence Jaffe. Edinger was a first-generation Jungian and a remarkable scholar of Jung's work. It was the last interview Edinger gave, two month before his death in 1998. 

Particularly striking to me was a comment he made that articulated his own grave concern about the dangers posed by globalization:

"The world is very fast becoming interlocked, and at all levels. That means that a breakdown can’t be confined just to a locality. But it will be generalized. It seems perfectly obvious to me that that’s going to happen, that it’s built into the nature of the system. There’s a hubris about the system which is going to evoke nemesis. It’s incalculable what can happen when there’s such a widespread breakdown: the financial services will collapse, the stockmarket will collapse. Just the ordinary supply of basic items will be in jeopardy. It’s just nightmarish to contemplate." (p 59)

This was 16 years ago already and globalization has become far more pervasive. What do you think?

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  • Wonderful. Thanks for finding this.

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for the note. Great to see you back in action!

      • Glad to be back. Hope to be a steady presence from now on.

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