Posting this to invite comment:

I woke up this morning with a dream fragment still with me:

I am standing outside with other (unidentified) people all around me. We look up at the sky, and in the midst of the clouds we see a gigantic eye open and look down at all of us.

That's it. Felt archetypal. Comments?

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  • P.S.: Norse Sky God ODIN sacrificed one of his two eyes in order to acquire wisdom by drinking water from a sacred well

    • Dale, your response re ODIN's sacrifice resonates with me. Thanks for sharing this.

      • Hello Donna,

        I'm happy to share the resonance. As dreams can speak in puns, perhaps all one needs to sacrifice is one's "I" of ego-centeredness in order to receive true wisdom. In that way, no glass eye or eyepatch would be required!

        Dream On,


  • "If it were my dream," I stand on Earth with "unidentified" terrestrial 'subjects' (human individuals), like myself. (This is in contrast to the common expression "unidentified flying objects.") If I take "the all-seeing eye" spiritually, it is the eye of the Sky God (Yahweh, Zeus, or whoever.) If I take "the all-seeing eye as the all-seeing eye of DRONE in the sky, appropriate for this current astro-mythic time of the all-seeing terrible, frightening Typhon. If I take "the all-seeing eye" symbolically, it's the eye from originally atop the pyramid on the obverse of the Seal of the USA (as on U.S. currency).  

  • Hi Craig - another member whom I am friends with has also had and posted "an active imagination one afternoon with an "eye in the sky" and shared a photo image of same back in 2013.  I have emailed to ask to respond, submit the photo here and/or give me the OK to post. 

    When I communicated back with this member about the "eye in the sky" image back then, I was reminded of the song by ??? [Moody Blues] with the lyrics...about the eye in the sky by...need to google this one...I can hear the songs and the words from my younger years...might be interesting to post the lyrics here?        Peace + Love Linda

    • 9142888687?profile=originalGood morning Craig - I heard back from Angelino Tuksar, the member who posted the image, and he gave me permission to post it here.  Thanks Angelino.

      It is NOT the Moody Blues - it's The Alan Parsons Project and here is the link with lyrics:

      Have a great day.  Peace + Love Linda

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      • Exquisite and synchronistic image!

      • Thanks! Very like my dream, only the dream eye was looking down at us.

  • Organization

    hmmmm I'll throw something out on the table... 

    An intense image accompanied by vague bearings. Outside? where .. a known  or familiar place. an unknown one. People. Recognizable people? Did you know any of them... or are they just a vague collectivity. Amplification of everything possible in the image required

    The emotional orientation is not there... fear curiosity bewilderment awe inspirational evil foreboding et al 

    so you and this crowd are looking up at the eye and it is looking down at you..

    is it possible a large eye in the sky emanating from within your unconscious is telling you to look into this a compensatory dream.... i.e. a person feeling inferior dreams he is a giant. A person in serious need of some indeterminate self reflection is observed/reflected upon by by a massive eye in the sky

    amplify the dream... search out the emotional matrix...tackle the central symbol of the eye in the sky

    then try to figure out what exactly the eye in the sky is wanting you to discover in regard to your own internal psychological dynamic... that being your own personal and private business..

    the inner eye is looking down at you and you and the rest are looking up at the inner eye.... some kind of communication has occurred.. It has altered your psychological equation. The dream could be saying you are ready to comprehend something about yourself, if you were to focus on looking inwards... the need to establish the emotional matrix is crucial.

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