• Ed,

    I am so glad that you are bringing up this topic. Thank you. I can't quite answer your question, however, as I am also currently writing my dissertation. As I look at the mail piling up from the loan companies, I feel myself moving from trust to concern to relaxation to panic to trust....  Nevertheless, I wanted to chime in the conversation with my 2 cents.

    I started looking at college teaching positions. I keep hearing from others that getting in the system is the hardest part, but once you are 'in' it becomes easier. Naturally, the more experience you have, the more options you will have later on. So as my professor said to me, you take whatever position is available, you bring into your class depth sensitivities and later on you offer your own curriculum.

    A different area I have been exploring, and this might be common knowledge to many out there but I just learned of this: the APA division system ( Apparently it can be incredibly helpful for networking and finding work positions. I am going to a conference in April organized by Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) - so I will be able to tell more from experience later on.

    I want to take the opportunity to use this platform, at the cusp of the old and new year to invoke what I am inviting, in terms of career/vocation. Dreaming my future:

    I am done with my research concerning perceptions and experiences of being inside/outside Place as Home in Jerusalem and I received my PhD. I am teaching in a university that is open to exploring cultural issues through depth psychological approaches and practices. I am teaching classes on Ecopsychology, Archetypal and Jungian psychology in connection with questions of Social Justice. I also guide tours to Israel that explore the realities of Israelis and Palestinians using depth psychological perspectives.


    Ed, I would be very interested to hear how you imagine the unfolding of your future career? Where does your energy want to go?


    May we (continue to) hear our calling, clearly and sweetly, in the upcoming year.

    • Aviva, (Love the palindrome, what is its meaning?)

      I also have been looking at university and college teaching positions but the field still seems dominated by cognitive-behavioral and neurobiologically based theories. Ability to help others interpret their dreams doesn't seem to show up on the qualifications list. The strategy that you lay out sounds about right. The two APA divisions that looked most interesting were the Arts division and the psychology of religion division.

      My dream (and thanks for asking):

      I have completed the book after my PhD work that is entitled Psyche in 3D: Dreams, Drama, and Delirium. I am doing a bit of the speaking circuit and continuing to write academically as well as creative writing projects (stage plays and novels). I teach a few classes and have a few clients. I will attend a tour to Israel led by Dr. Aviva Joseph in that I have studied before in Jerusalem and want to return there now that I have a better depth perspective/archetypal understanding of human experience and institutions. I remain there for a few months writing about religion as theatre, and getting my fill of Yatir Forest, lox and bagels, and falafel.

      Thanks for that moment of bliss.



  • Hi Ed: I can only speak from the same place as you so would love to see what others have to say. However, I get asked this question alot so I've come up with the following. Those who had careers before getting a Depth Psych degree often take the degree back to their original field and apply Depth techniques or a Depth lens. With the advanced degree and increased value they can bring to their original field, they often have the capacity to become consultants in that particular field to help improve it in some way.

    Of course, for those not wanting to return to the original field, I think the choices are obvious: teaching (either in a University setting or by designing unique public custom courses or workshops), writing, or consulting/coaching individuals. I know none of these will necessarily guarantee a generous income, but then, going into Depth Psych in the first place was already the first step toward surrender, right? Philosphers on a park bench come to mind...:)
    • Hi Bonnie and Ed:  I currently coach and consult, blending my many years' experience as a corporate executive with a depth approach.  I find that my clients appreciate me bringing a depth perspective to our work together--creates lasting impact for them.   Who knows what will happen along the way or after I complete my PhD, but it is what is happening for me now.

      • I'm glad to hear the corporate world is open to a depth perspective. I've dabbled in this area with non-profits but not in the for-profit areas. I imagine that distinction (for-profit or non-profit) brings on its own peculiarities. (?)

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