For a very limited time (it's been said it's for the first week in April, but I just checked and it's still available at the moment), Jung Journal is offering a free transcript of "The Environmental Crisis & Psyche: A Conversation with David Abram and Patricia Damery" which is featured in the current issue. This conversation took place as a public event hosted by the Jung Institute of San Francisco in 2012. I was lucky enough to attend and found it really interesting and magical.

Many of you will be familiar with David's work, including his book "Spell of the Sensuous" and "Becoming Animal." Jungian analyst (and Depth Alliance Board Member) Patricia Damery has written "Farming Soul' and "Snakes" among other works.

I also had the honor of being invited to review both authors' recent books for the Jung Journal and those reviews appear in this issue as well. Although the reviews are not presently available for free download, if you don't have a subscription to the Journal and really think you could use either or both reviews for your own research, I have been given permission to give away access to a handful of readers. Just message me through the Alliance and let me know which you want--first come, first served.

Meanwhile, click here to grab the transcript of the conversation while you can. Just scroll down the page until you see the titles and the "Download Full Text" icon.

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  • Hi Bonnie
    Could you pls send me these articles? David is coming up to Victoria for a session i am hosting in the fall and in the meantime I may find something here for my dissertation work....thanks so much. Hilary
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