Adeline van Waning MD PhD, a Dutch psychiatrist-psychotherapist with an MA in Buddhist Studies, integrates her broad professional expertise and interests with a deep commitment to meditation and mind training regarding cultivating attention, emotion regulation and well-being. She participated in the Shamatha Project, a large international “meditation and neuroscience” project in the US. She documents here experiences in that project in her 2014 book, The Less Dust, The More Trust. Adeline has held positions at universities – including as a Visiting Professor in Japan, various institutes, and is also in private practice. One of her fields of expertise has been in working with persons with a migrant and refugee background. Adeline published widely about her approach and experiences. Presently she gives meditation guidance, including for mental health professionals. She also works in hospice care, writes and paints.

She has requested that I include the following links: This link is about the book, information in English, with pre-publications etc.

This link is the always updated site of the Saron lab with all the info and scientific publications about The Shamatha Project

This link will take you to a 12 page excerpt in English from her book.

This link will take you to a magazine article with pictures of the Shamatha Retreat.

Click here for the content.

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