discussion. His seminal work, Field, Form and Fate  has catapulted me into another way of

viewing interpersonal situations both clinically as well as in life. I've been provoked into another universe  that is both mysterious and beckoning.  I cannot say that I literally understand  it completely at all.  Of course not.  But what has happened for me is even deeper than mere understanding.  I've been taken down a mysterious road by the ideas set forth in this fascinating and sometimes confounding work. Despite these challenges I continue to struggle in the grip of a kind of truth, that once tasted and discovered has left me wanting more. Doors that lead to a new understanding of the workings of the cosmos have opened.  I'm now tuned in to a way of thinking that exists both in an  every day and eternal realm, and against which, all levels of existence from the most literal to the most metaphorical and imagistic can now be measured. Who could ask for more? 

Judith Harte

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  • Hello Judith,

    I am new to Dr. Conforti's work, but have for some years been studying basically the same material as what he covers in this book. I'm not a therapist, so my learning has been from the two angles of complexity science and Jung's ideas of synchronicity and has drawn primarily from the work of Joe Cambray, George Hogenson, F. David Peat, Stuart Kauffman, and of course von Franz and Jung.

    This feels like the learning my whole life was preparing me for, I just love it so much.

    I am looking forward to participating in the book club conversation - do you know where the rest of the conversation is occurring? Or is this it for now? Just trying to find my way around. I so agree with you: who could ask for more?! 


    • Hi Cynthia. You can find the Online Book Club under the "Groups" link at the top of the page--or look on the right side near the top and you'll see the Online Book Club image and link. There's also a link in the News or Events section at the top of the home page. 

      • Thanks Bonnie! I wrote this before I was approved to be in the book club which is why I couldn't find a way to access the comments directly. I'm in now and will be commenting over the next few days. This is directly relevant to my research interests so I'm looking forward to participating!

        • How perfect! Good luck and I'll look forward to knowing more... :)

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