Simon Cole

Simon Cole M.A. runs a retreat center in France, having worked in psychological health in the UK for over 20 years.  Holder of a Masters with distinction and special award in counseling from Ripon and York St John, he is a senior-accredited counselor, with experience in the Health Service as well as in private practice in Britain.  He also developed and ran a progressive counselor training program to advanced diploma level at Carlisle College.  He has long used mindfulness and meditation alongside his professional work and has formulated the Clear Space Meditation Path as an integrated model, incorporating established psychotherapeutic practices, to produce a western method for personal development and healing.  His approach is described in the 2014 book, Stillness in Mind.  Not your typical guide to mindfulness and meditation: method without mystique for the only journey that really matters…living.  Stillness in Mind is written by a professional who is first a person-centred therapist and for whom the relationship with the client or student or co-traveller is paramount.  Thus the book is written so that the reader can feel the author alongside as an empathic fellow-traveller.

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