I dreamed last night that I was explaining why we still study Freud. Decided to write it down this morning: http://www.chalquist.com/freudrelevant.html.

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  • Awesome! I'm going to do that - thanks for the suggestions!

  • That was wonderful! I've been trying to figure Freud out for a while - he seems really important but I just don't have any affinity with him - and this has helped me a lot!

    • You're very welcome. I've spent a lot of time studying and struggling with Freud too. He's a persistent old bastard.

      • Well, you have more patience than I. Every time I try to read Freud I get really annoyed and start arguing with him in my head. I think I'm going to try to separate out his mechanical materialism out from the other stuff and see if that helps.

        • Some of the mechanical materialism results from Strachey's translation rather than Freud's prose. Try finding translations done by other editors. Also, have a look at Bettleheim's book Freud and Man's Soul.

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