While the debate rages in some circles on whether or not Neuroscience has a place in Jungian thought, it seems almost non-existent in others--mainly, I think, because many of us (myself included) are perhaps just a little too willing to dismiss it because it seeks to explain away what we consider soulful. However, in depth psychology, everything belongs--and it behooves us to explore the shadowy parts that threaten us in some way. What do you really feel, after all, if your concept of "soul" is threatened or explained away? Why might it trigger a complex for you?

Here's an interesting article I just came across on the topic: 

Neuroscience and Jung’s Model of the Psyche: A Close Fit

I'm curious to know what others think....

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  • Bonnie: A trillion thanks to you for researching and sharing this paper from the International Conference of Jungian Analysts. I don't know how or when you manage to find the time to excavate all this amazing material but how wonderful for us that you do...I found this paper to be easy to understand and provocative.  I've recently been gripped by the idea of a marriage between the Jungian /archetypal and scientific worlds, and there is little doubt in my virginal, scientific mind/brain about the fascinating alignment between these two allegedly, divergent perspectives.


    Can these two apparently antagonistic worlds really align? For me, the question/issue is not if they can,  instead it is the growing, reassuring sense that they can.  I'm on a life of its own quest,  to learn and discover more about what, at first glance,  only  appears to be an incompatible union.  Judie Harte

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