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A Note from Robert Romanyshyn, Author and Professor Emeritus of Depth Psychology:

My new book, Victor Frankenstein, the Monster and the Shadows of Technology: The Frankenstein Prophecies, is now available for purchase on Amazon as well at other websites and book stores

With the publication of this book, the shadow side of Victor Frankenstein’s dream and work to become a new god who would create a new race of beings is now present in the world.

The dark side of his dream and work is mirrored in the creature he creates but then abandons, cursing him as a devil, demon and monster, and toward whom he continues to deny his responsibilities and obligations. But Mary Shelley’s story, which has endured for two hundred years, is a prophetic story, and it is the Monster’s tale from the margins that carries its prophecies.

Through his prophetic descendants, who linger with us in the guise of our collective traumas, they haunt us as monstrous ecological, psychological and social consequences we face today. In this regard, Mary Shelley’s story is finished but it is not done. As heirs of Victor Frankenstein’s, we are not only unconsciously repeating but also technologically amplifying his dream and work. 


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Listen, watch, or read a dialogue with Robert and Bonnie Bright about nature, culture, technology and other themes from this groundbreaking book. CLICK HERE




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