I am pleased to announce that the new issue of Depth Insights semi-annual scholarly journal, the official publication of Depth Psychology Alliance, is out!

Tremendous thanks to my associate editors, Tish Stoker Signet and Warren W. Sibilla, as well as to all the authors, artists, and poets who contributed to this issue.


Trauma, Death, and the Archetype of Hope
By Paul DeBlassie III

Hecate’s Guiding Flame: A Mythical Perspective at the Crossroads of Addiction and Recovery
By Tricia Durni

The Aural Tradition: Alchemy and Sound in Psychotherapy
By Joel Bell

The Sleeping King: Alchemical Symbols as Manifest in Dream, Alchemy, and Creative Work
By Gary T. Bartlett

Alchemy: Vessel for Personal Transformation (Or, Alchemy: The Life it Saves May Be Your Own!)
By Clara Lindstrom

Trickster: Archetype of Changing Times
By Tina Azaria

The New Myth
By Deborah Salomon

Empty Journals: An Exploration of Psyche, Nature, and Voice
By Adriana Attento

Metaphors of Animality in Western Culture Ideologies
By Effie Heotis

Review of Carol S. Pearson’s Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within. Using the Power of Story to Transform Your Life
By Dennis Patrick Slattery

In Memoriam: Jesse Masterson

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Please consider a donation of $10 for accessing this issue. It literally takes hundreds of hours to put together, and we have continued to publish on a donation based-subscription model in order to make it more accessible to the greater depth community (and beyond). 

Thank you for your support and dedication to helping extend depth psychology in the world!

—Bonnie Bright, Alliance Founder and Executive Editor of Depth Insights

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  • Congrats! This issue looks really beautiful, inside and out. Can't wait to dig in! Thanks for your dedication and shared talents, Bonnie, staff, writers, and Anima Mundi!

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