Red Book Event in Denver, CO

Hello All,

The Red Book Event was in Denver, Colorado the first week in September 2010 and substantially informed my research in Jungian Archetypal Studies.  The lecture and workshop entitled "The Dramatis Personae of Liber Primus" was fascinating - especially as it was conducted by the editor, Dr. Sonu Shamdasani. He shared a wealth of cultural and literary context on the work.

I think the next stop for the presentation, after the U.S, is Berlin, however I am not certain.  Please consider attending the event if possible, it was wonderful. If you have attended this or other Red Book presentation events, please share thoughts on your experience!



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  • Was a DVD made of the presentation?
    • Ed, to my knowledge, a DVD was not made of the Denver Red Book Event. However, I will confirm that with the organizers and get back to you. Shara
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