Dr. Tobin Hart provides the following by way of biographical information: “Even as a child, I remember being fascinated by how we know, especially that knowing that takes place in those special moments when the world opens more deeply to us, and we to it. For me, this can occur in an intimate connection with a friend, during a moment of inspiration, in meditation, or perhaps in the awe of witnessing a thunderstorm just overhead. I’ve been fortunate to turn that curiosity about knowing into a career, a life really. I study, write, and teach about things like inspiration, deep empathy, mind and body, spiritual knowing, paradox, wisdom, transformative education, contemplation, the spiritual life of children.

I serve as a father, partner, author, and spiritual ally. More formally my professional post is as a Professor in a most unusual Psychology department at the University of West Georgia. This department is a radical place where knowledge, wisdom and even love are on the menu as we explore the depth of consciousness and society. I am also co-founder and chair of the ChildSpirit Institute, a non-profit educational and research hub dedicated to understanding and nurturing the spirituality of children and adults. My wife Mary takes the lead on this work.

I am constantly drawn back to where psychology, spirituality and education come together. I tend to draw insight through multiple views ranging from the ancient wisdom traditions to the intimate little stories all around (and within) us to the front edge of science. I find myself trying to feel and follow those resonances that lead to a sense of communion. I’m fascinated by the space created in paradox and try to hold on to a sense of wonder. I believe in the need for a balance of love and wisdom, presence and creation. I am out of doors as much as possible.”

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David Van Nuys, PhD
Creator/Host of Shrink Rap Radio

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