Australian psychologist, Dr. James Alexander is author of the 2012 book, The Hidden Psychology of Pain, and the 2017 book, ‘Getting the Z’s You Want’. He became a psychologist after being nearly killed in a car accident as an 18 year old when his car was hit by a drunk driver. In addition to being very physically damaged, he was emotionally traumatized by the experience- resulting in many years of problems with sleep. When he began to physically recover form the accident, he found a collection of pop-psychology self help books in his fathers book shelf, and his psychological recovery began. Within the year, he decided he wanted to become a psychologist so as to help other people that had been similarly traumatized. This was 35 years ago, and for the last 30 years, he has been providing psychological services to a broad range of people in hospital settings, pain management clinics, rehabilitation services, and for the last 15 years, in private practice in NSW, Australia. he has a PhD in clinical health psychology, and whilst open to a range of approaches, he thinks of himself primarily as an EMDR practitioner. His new book is based on his own efforts to create better sleep.

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