Spiritual Abuse

Some titles in reference to Dr. Conforti's blog mentioned above:

These are not Jungian focused as Dr. Conforti's blog, and most are Christian focused,

but may be interesting for some to read.


Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen

Behind the Masks by Wayne Oates

Churches that Abuse by Ronald Enroth

Damaged Disciples by Ron and Vicki Burks

Healing Spiritual Abuse and Religious Addiction by Matthew Linn, Sheila Linn, and Dennis Linn

When God Becomes a Drug by Father Leo Booth

When God's People Let You Down by Jeff VanVonderen

Recovering from Churches that Abuse by Ronald Enroth

Healing Spiritual Abuse by Ken Blue

Psychotherapy of the Religious Patient edited by Moshe Halevi Spero

The Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism by Ralph hood, Jr., Peter Hill, and W. Paul Williamson

The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns by Robert Emmons

Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy edited by Froma Walsh

Working with Religious Issues in Therapy by Robert Lovinger

Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality edited by Raymond Paloutzian, and Crystal Park


Can you guess this is a hot topic for me?

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  • Oops, forgot these:

    Up from Scapegoating by Arthur Colman (Jungian)

    Mapping the Organizational Psyche by John Corlett and Carol Pearsopn (Jungian)

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