• "In other words, Star Wars and its fantastical troupe of Hollywood productions borrow the feel and excitement of myth without offering what a genuine, time-tested myth offers: "thousands of years as an inexhaustible source of intellectual speculation, religious joy, ethical inquiry and artistic renewal," as Le Guin puts it."

    You don't know the fans that I do. ;)

    How would Jung react to this gibberish? He'd be a Star Wars cosplayer and fan fiction writer/graphic novelist. He'd have his own YouTube channel. Toni Wolf would accompany him to ComicCons dressed as "Slave Leia." Freud would be a Trekker instead, because of course.
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    I enjoyed your article. I do wonder why you wasted your time and talent on an obvious mythological word salad filled with the old hollywood standards such as a car chase er uh space race, barroom brawls, shootouts, sword/laser fights loud deafening noise that makes the abu greb torturers look like pikers.  One doesn't have to see a modern movies to know its underlying content. Oh and the beautiful princess threatened by a despicable shadow figure.... And of course of an overvalued ego character/hero who children old and young alike can if they wish merge with in a joyous participation mystique. In Star trek er uh star wars the highest expression of the human spirit is abused and used as a cover by vampires making a mockery of true spirituality and rewarding themselves with an offering from your pocket book to boot. Don't forget to buy a star wars T shirt on your way out of the theater... Who knows how Jung would have reacted to this gibberish... I rather suspect he would have noticed the mythological word salad embedded in the movies. Star wars is schizophrenic episode luring the soulless like moths to the flames. 

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