• Speaking of experiments, I'm hoping you all are getting to see the very tail end of this one. 

    What kind of lunatic would run a controlled parapsych experiment for 25 years without having any contact (?) with his guinea pig?  That’s one half of the working life for most of us.  It would have to be someone with a really bad case of OCD for proving the paranormal.  No need for me to rely upon recovered memory for that.  There is only one guy crazy enough to do this.  

    I'll watch this prisoner episode and give the CU some more thought.  What about this thing we are calling the global consciousness, is this the CU or a part of it?



  • Possibly off topic question: suppose we make contact with an intelligent alien species that have senses beyond our human five. Can our collective unconsciousnesses (new word?) combine? Can we learn about and understand each other if they can't? Or is it possible for us to share the same collective unconscious, even though we are different species?
    • Fun. As I understand it, the collect unconscious of humanity is drawn from the combined unconscious dynamics of humanity passed down from the earliest times. If experience is the key, then the alien experience would be alien (couldn't resist) to our psyches as well, not able to be incorporated into the collective memory/experience of humanity.....You've got a possible psychological thriller plot line here!

      • One more question: again, we make first contact with an intelligent alien species with more than five senses. They come in peace. We're psyched! Patrick Stewart triumphantly tweets "ENGAGE!" and even people that hated Star Trek back in the day (you know who you are) are giddy with optimism over a new era of collaboration with beings from another world.

        If we can't share a collective unconscious, is this possible?
      • Do you think we shared a collective unconscious with Neanderthals? If chimpanzees are our closest living relative, is it possible that we could share some unconscious elements?

        Just intrigued by the idea of adding something truly new and whether it's possible, and if it is, how it would happen. Most likely our brains are wired for certain archetypes, but environment influences how our brains develop too.

        Crazy idea: could parasites have influenced how our collective unconscious developed? The following Atlantic article "How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy" hints at that:

        "Certainly Flegr’s thinking is jarringly unconventional. Starting in the early 1990s, he began to suspect that a single-celled parasite in the protozoan family was subtly manipulating his personality, causing him to behave in strange, often self-destructive ways. And if it was messing with his mind, he reasoned, it was probably doing the same to others."

  • I'll have to watch the entire series now. Watched The Prisoner, Number 48 and read the plot summary on Wikipedia.
    • Absolutely. Even Jung postulated that archetypal images could change and new images added after long periods of acceptance by humanity.

    • The Prisoner, Number 48 (there is also a shorter video on Youtube, but since the whole episode is pure genius (just check out that anarchist hiding his beard behind the mask), I'm posting this one):

      If institutions use something that already exists in the collective unconscious (herds, obedience, it's better to feel good than to feel bad), that doesn't mean they are doing the same thing.

      MK Ultra is an example of a repeatable psychological experiment going as far as it can before it becomes fuzzy and unrepeatable and we can only imagine to what extent it was used in all those historical events. If slaves and soldiers (leave the thinking to politicians, experts, and rich people) are indeed something inherited from our four-legged ancestors, does that really mean that it's the only option?

  • I like it...

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