Have you had the experience in which you've received a word or two during sleep that is not part of a dream, you simple hear a word or phrase that has no accompany visual imagery. If so, I'd be interested to hear what those dream words were and a bit of the life circumstance that may explain their appearance and subsequent result. 

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  • Hello, 

    What I call 'dream words' have come to me since childhood when I would awake hearing someone or something call my name. One of the most dramatic examples happened in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina had destroyed my homeland.  The words were 'my heart is a wailing wall' and produced an essay by the same title.  You can read it by clicking here

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this.  


    • Thank you for your response to my inquiry. After reading your essay, the words grew in meaning. I was touched by your story. I couldn't help but add my own associations to your dream words. Wailing is so appropriate to the collapse of the levies, and brown woman well describes a person who's been engulfed by the flood. The image brings back a memory I had when I was in New Orleans last year. I was on a bus speaking with a black woman who described her experience of the devastation left by the hurricane. Floods, of course, carry a good deal of symbolic meaning, but I'm sure you're all too aware of these amplifications. In any event, your dream work seems to have had a vivifying effect on you in restoring some lost part of yourself as well as recalling your ancestry.

      • Thank you for your own associations, some of which are similar to my own. I'm racially mixed with my siblings and cousins being various shades of brown and black.  My nickname is 'white girl.'  We are gulf coast people with Irish, Choctaw and African American ancestry.  So my associations at that particular time had to do with race.  

        Katrina cut across racial lines with the poor blacks taking the brunt.  My people left, but it has never been the same in my family.  Much too personal to go into, but Katrina ripped the veil of illusion from many eyes here in the deep South.  

        Dreams have been of vital importance to me my whole life.  I started tracking in the mid-70s and studying in the mid-90s.  As you know, this lends depth, and takes it out of the realm of superstition.   Thank you so much for the opportunity to share.     

  • Yes...here are a few samples:

    I hear a voice saying “you can achieve a lot of healing and feel better, but if you haven’t gone through the pain, you can’t be found and aren’t really healed.”

    I hear a voice say, “there are no seekers, there is only desire.”

    I hear a voice say “you can come…” I feel welcomed.

    I hear a voice telling me, “when you feel fear, you need to stay because that will be the moment that the teaching is coming through.”

    I probably have many other examples where I hear a word or sentence with no imagery. These are a few. As for the circumstances, these have all come relating to my inward journey in Archetypal Dreamwork. I do feel that in my outer life, I notice perhaps a new knowing or discernment relating to my own beliefs or values. All of which have completely shifted since I turned towards my inward journey.

    Warmly, Laura Smith

    • Thank you Laura. Please let me know if any others come to mind - especially ones where this is simply a word or two - would be appreciated.

  • I heard a deep authoritative voice waking me up at the right moment. Actually, I've had similar experiences with different voices and signals to wake up.

    Does my head becoming a CD player qualify? I've written some comments under this text: http://www.synchrosecrets.com/synchrosecrets/?p=356. Some parts are outdated since for instance I mentioned there my deactivated Facebook account. Still, the whole situation left traces in my mind.

    Something has been telling me (or events have been aligning that way) for years that I should pay more attention to renewable energy, environmentalism, societal changes, and similar (far from what I would have consciously chosen) and do "something" online for everyone interested to see it. I still don't understand why.

    • what is your CD head playing?

      • :-) It was something like a broken CD playing nothing. Or monotonous drumbeats, I can't really tell. It was particularly weird because those people behind that blog had those days a sort of shamanic journey induced by drums played from CD. It was a series of waking ups, another Jungian archetype each morning. (I suppose that CD would be Self). MacGregors from that blog (another strange event had brought us to each other (my comments): http://www.synchrosecrets.com/synchrosecrets/?p=185) heard in that journey "structural foundation of the ego" and in one of my half-awake dreams I heard "structural analysis of ego" in English (terminology from transactional analysis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transactional_analysis just when my father bought a book about it). 

        To make a very long and weird story shorter, I've been interested after that in renewable energy, sustainability, and similar things.

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