after hearing craig chalquist talk about terrapocalypse to earth rise i am encouraged to contribute to the process by opening my home for the jungian community to join in my ancestral native ceremonies that have been ongoing for 7 years now. we do a very traditional inipi every few weeks with a sun dancer pouring and traditional songs and teachings. it is a purification ritual so everyone is asked to avoid drugs alcohol and chemical products (fragrance, soap, detergents, hair products, etc using only baking soda, vinegar and coconut oil) for at least 4 days before. some of us are very sensitive to these chemical products and it is an intense focus on healing ourselves and the earth instead of a social gathering but we can refer you to social ceremonies in the area also just without the jungian practices for 25 years that i have experienced. thank you!

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    Thanks for the information, Gail. I think the combination of traditional ceremonies with Jungian/depth psychology can be very powerful.

    You are probably familiar with a handful of psychologists/Jungians who have written about how they have integrated both perspectives, particularly Jerome Bernstein (in his amazing book Living in the Borderland.) I also really like Fred Gustafson's Dancing Between Two Worlds: Jung and the Native American Soul.

    I wish I lived closer. This is one area where online webinars don't quite do it all, though perhaps a discussion group could be formed here in the community for people who aren't in the area but are still interested....

    • thank you very much for the book recommendations! i'm excited about looking into both of them and happy to open this discussion to anyone interested or start a new group. my ancestral way is a type of consensus where everyone speaks openly until they feel heard and have nothing more to say because the creative outcome is agreeable to all involved. so please take this opportunity wherever it needs to go as it finds its own life?

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