In case you missed it, I have formally stepped down as Director of Depth Psychology Alliance in order to pursue emerging interests. James Newell, former board member and vice president of the Alliance board (who has also taught a highly successful series of Jungian courses on Depth Alliance), has taken the reins and will be continuing the Alliance with his own emerging vision. See my letter below, issued January 31, 2018:

 Dear Depth Community,

I am writing to wish you each a belated happy new year, and to share some important news about Depth Psychology Alliance.

I initiated Depth Psychology Alliance in 2010 when I recognized that, as the Internet—and social media, in particular—seemed to be offering ever-increasing opportunities to disseminate information to specialized communities who were interested in specific topics, there was a powerful opportunity to share the power of depth psychology with the world. I, myself, was fairly new to depth psychology at the time, having experienced my own spontaneous and profound awakening in 2006, and wishing to find a way to offer resources and understanding for others who may be seeking more spiritual understanding to create transformation and meaning in their lives.

After these many years of following my intuition and creative instincts to provide educational opportunities in the form of webinars, blog posts, interviews, online courses—and after creating as a community site where every member has free access to learn or create their own blog posts, videos, courses, and event listings—I have personally reached a point where I now feel compelled to step back from my primary role as Director in order to pursue some new and emerging interests in my own life.

I still believe Depth Psychology Alliance offers a unique and powerful opportunity for everyone who is interested in Jungian and depth psychologies to learn, connect, and grow. To that end, James Newell, who has been actively engaged from the very beginning of the Alliance board several years ago now, and who has taught many well-received courses for the Alliance, has generously agreed to take on stewardship of the Alliance. Therefore, as I step back, I will be leaving it in his capable hands to make decisions and move forward as he sees fit. To begin with, James is continuing his ongoing online college-level course offerings via the Alliance with the upcoming 9-week Jung and Mythology course (look here in the EVENTS section for details), with a free initial introductory class on February 24. Please register for this initial offering if it calls to you. James is a compelling and compassionate teacher with a plethora of scholarly content to offer.

For my part, I will continue to generate depth psychology interviews and content, both through my original “Depth Insights” series, as well as through Pacifica Graduate Institute via the “Discussions in Depth Psychology” series. I will also continue to post blogs and promote and share the interviews and articles I create both on and via—as well as on social media with the greater depth community. I may also eventually create and lead courses via the Alliance, though my immediate plans for the future center on allowing some space for other things to unfold.

I have just returned from Africa after spending some time working with indigenous healers, and in coming months, I will also be taking on some other activities that will allow me to continue my journey of self-exploration and to deepen into the next phase of my life, which potentially includes publishing a book or two and developing more offerings based on my current passion for the planet, and for medicine work in various shapes and forms. Obviously, there is great poignancy for me at moving beyond what has been such a core part of my life for the last many years. At the same time, I feel a deep knowing that the energy I have spent tending the Alliance is already being redirected in life-affirming ways.

 I want to offer my own deepest thanks and gratitude for the role each of you have played in my own journey via the Alliance, and to acknowledge and thank each of you for your love, your support, and your passion for the field. I look forward to interacting with you in many different ways in coming months and years. In a time when things in the outside world seem as charged as they’ve ever been, when culture and humanity need depth psychology more than ever, I hope each of you will continue to be able to do your work in the world, with courage and with joy, in your own unique and beautiful way.

 In soul,

Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.


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  • Dear Bonnie,

     I read your announcement – and so it seems, you are offered a New Path of Life, a new direction to move on, with unknown destiny, but knowing you, will be full of new adventures.

    I hope that the new prints that you will make in/on the A field will be a benefit on/for your Soul.

    I second Linda, and hereby want to express my gratitude for the help and support that I received from you – and last but not least, thank you for the always interesting issues that you shared with us on DPA.

    I pray that Life will be kind to you.

    Warm greetings from Ric.

  • Dear Bonnie - I shall remain eternally grateful for discovering DPA site, becoming a member, establishing connections and significant friendships that continue to nourish me in my in-depth offerings in the world.  

    You founded a great "virtual" place and space for all of us to come together and share, and I know you will continue to stay connected, in the background, as you venture out to new horizons to provide leadership, formation and foundations for new "depth" visionaries erupting in the horizons to assist us in the future.  

    May you receive many blessings on your new adventures.

    Peace + Love Linda 

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