“Trump the Anti-Christ” 

Foreshadow by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com


- excerpt -

Surrounded by the magical food forest, the smart Permaculturist and Campbellian should see Trump as only a low thorny hedge in the multi-year “battle journey” underway, compost forks splayed to puncture the daily spicer of foreign-born horrors and crude oil company gifts that want to twist our moral compass sideways, … but are we ready for the flood waters, to head the community’s Hero call? Will we rise together against the tyrant boy?

Trump the Anti-Christ - Foreshadow by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.pdf

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  • I will copy-paste an email that I've sent two months ago to professor Jordan Peterson, after watching a lot of his material online.
    This is something I have been struggling with individually for a couple of years, and - to be honest - I still feel an hesitation to share this, because of the resistance it tends to provoke in other people. Yet, from the content I've watched in this community so far, I trust that this is about the safest place I will find to share what's on my mind. So here is the original email:

    Dear Professor Peterson,

    I sincerely hope that you will take the time to read this entire email, as I believe it could be of significant value if we could find a way to cooperate in our commonly shared purpose.
    As I mentioned in my previous email, I have recently discovered your work, and I strongly believe in its validity, and even more so: its necessity, to ‘Humanity’ at large.

    After having experienced an intense ‘spiritual awakening journey’, that started in December 2012, I started gathering information on various new insights and more ancient sources of knowledge, among which: quantum physics, epigenetics, anti-matter, energy and vibration, eschatology, mythology, astrology, and Carl Jung’s entire legacy.
    I had never before been introduced to the work of Jung, but when it “coincidentally” popped up in my life, I immediately recognized it as ‘a synchronicity’ I am a Master graduate in sociology, and my original reason for initiating a higher education in this discipline, is because – around that time – i came across Emile Durkheim’s concept of ‘the Collective Consciousness’. This concept strongly “resonated” with me, because I myself believed that I had invented the term. When I was about 15 years old, I was extremely emotionally affected after learning about ‘the Holocaust’ in history class. Following that class, I spent three evenings in a row isolating myself in my bedroom and crying for hours non-stop. After that, I obviously realized that it was kind of ‘odd’ for me to have that intense emotional response, as I saw nobody else in my peer group who expressed a similar reaction. So I contemplated on the matter on my own, and after a few days I concluded for myself that there must be something like “a collective memory” and that I probably had accessed that somehow. And after that conclusion, I was able to let it go and I never paid attention to it again. Until of course – at the age of 17 – I heard about Durkheim’s “Collective Consciousness”, which intrigued me and inspired my orientation in university. Throughout that entire education and two additional years of working as a PhD student, I obviously internalized the “collectivist paradigm” and adopted it as my own glasses to look at the World. For many years, I was entirely convinced that poverty, human suffering and all the problems in the world were caused by flawed decision-making on behalf of policy-makers. Like every other member of my peer group, I was politically left-oriented and believed that a more egalitarian society would generate solutions for the better of all. Then – at the age of 26, in September 2012 – I moved to Northern Ireland, where – in December 2012 – I met a man who literally reflected EVERYTHING I had ever imagined a man ‘should be’ (I was not yet aware of any psychological archetypes) and so I fell madly in love with him (“Adam”). Following that meeting, everything started to feel like “meant to be”, and him and I went through an intense on-and-off relationship for two years, in which I followed him from Ireland to Lisbon, to Amsterdam and eventually back to my home country, Belgium, where the relationship truely ended in December 2014. The price of that ‘romantic adventure’ was: an empty savings account, severe symptoms of PTSD, a lower self-image than ever before, broken ties with friends and family members, and a completely shattered Heart. During that crisis, I started getting “visions”. Not in dreams, but while I was wide awake, and in materialized form: geometrical shapes that were drawn on my window, and other visions involving the Moon, the Sun, and thunder and lightening bolts (which were not imagined…). I felt extreme anxiety, yet I trusted my observations. I didn’t want to go to a therapist, because I was afraid I’d be diagnozed with “having hallucinations” and given medication to make them disappear. But I didn’t want it to disappear, because I somehow ‘knew’ that they served a purpose. So I started to google the images that I saw in the visions (“circle + triangle + square”) and was directed to “alchemy”, which lead me to the work of Carl Jung, where I ended up learning about his concept of “the Collective Unconsciousness”, which immediately resonated with the two earlier “dots” in my life (my own invented term + Durkheim’s concept). At that point, I gained more confidence that I was indeed on “the right track”, some way, somehow. In hindsight, I can honestly say that Jung’s legacy probably saved my Life! His entire legacy provided me with an interpretation of my experiences that really made sense, and caused my extreme anxiety to decrease. When I read about “the animus possession” and “the inner unconscious being reflected by outer experiences”, I immediately knew it described Adam’s role in my Life. Furthermore – as you may also know – Jung also stated that astrology represents a valid source of knowledge. And when I drew my personal birth chart and Adam’s one, I found out that his natal Sun (= basic ever-present energy) was located at 22° Scorpio, exactly where my natal Mars is located. So even thát resonated with Adam reflecting the energy of “my inner masculine”. To make a long story short: the previous two years have been a rollercoaster journey of massive self-discovery. And I am currently 100% convinced that every human being has a pre-established structure that is driven to be expressed. That is our Nature, which – consciously or not – is always in charge, and its repression has harmful and tragic consequences. When I heard your “message to Millenials”, it was the perfect summary of ‘my own understanding’ as indeed ‘the only way to change the World’. I believe it is of enormous importance to make this content available throughout the World, and I will tell you why. Throughout my quest, as I was googling on the terms “Sun”, “giant Full Moon”, etc., I arrived at an article about the ‘blood moon tetrad’ that took place in 2014-2015 and which was very unusual and rare, even more so because every single one of them coincided exactly with a Jewish holiday. In the article, there was a reference made to “the end times”, which immediately made me realize WHY I had been feeling this extreme anxiety (please continue reading, I promise I’m NOT gonna anounce ‘the Apocalypse’). The physical anxiety was caused by a deeply repressed aspect of my unconscious that was coming to the surface. And when I saw that reference to “the end Times”, I remembered.
    See – when I was a child – say up until the age of 12, I believed that I was having ‘daily conversations with God’ and I repeatedly got the message that “I would experience the end times” and also “that I would have to be courageous then”. Back then, it never frightened me, I just accepted it, and asked “how will I know?”. And the answer to that question was: “I will send you messengers until you get it”. On a psychological note: Now that I have educated myself about ‘the animus’, I realize – of course – that the animus can take the negative form of “a sacred conviction”, and that – back in my childhood – I was receiving symbolic messages from my unconscious (repressed animus), which I then interpreted as ‘interactions with God’. I do NOT believe that “the World will end”, BUT I did investigate various eschatological approaches and came to a surprising finding. First of all, I believe I was supposed to “validate”the accuracy, because the dates of the blood Moon tetrad synchronized exactly with significant events between Adam and me. On top of that, I met him on 19 December 2012, which is 2 days before the Mayan calendar pointed towards a cosmic event. And also, when you look at the Jewish calender, we are currently in the year 5777, which is referred to in Scripture as “God’s final Jubilee Year”. In symbolic (Scripture) terms, “we are now entering the 7 years of Tribulation”.
    Like I said before, I have no intention whatsoever to trigger fearful images of the World being destroyed. In fact, that is NOT how I pictured it back in my childhood either. But I DO believe that I have indeed “a mission” now, which is related to “informing people on a global scale” of HOW to accurately prevent tragedies to happen.
    You see, when Adam and I broke up, I spent a very long time trying to make sense of the entire experience. When I read about “narcissistic abuse syndrome”, I resonated with that interpretation for a long time. But NOW, I realize something important: when you look at the typical “stages” that are usually described as a sequence taking place throughout the narcissistic relationship, it entirely matches the process that takes place when “the conscious” is confronted with “the unconscious”!
    1. “Over-evaluation” (= “love-bombing”): the conscious attention is “triggered” when meeting the equivalent of its unconscious content, so ‘the ego’ follows it
    2. “De-valuation”: the stubborn and self-inforcing ego-mechanisms of ‘resistance’ when sensitive unconscious content is triggered.
    3. “Discard” (= “narcissistic rage”): in this stage, the ego will do everything possible to prevent the unconscious from emerging, because it experiences it as ‘a threat’. This is when – sometimes – the unconscious content “possesses” the ego and acts completely out of control (rage). It is entirely directed towards pure destruction of the perceived ‘threat’.
    These are all – of course – dynamics I have observed in my personal life, on an individual level. But when I look at “the collective level” today, I see significant parallels.
    Many people reacted shocked when Trump was elected president of the USA earlier this week. Blinded by their “politically correct conditioning”, they express their massive disapproval of the fact that “a public openly racist, bigot narcissist” has been given such a powerful position. In psychological/spiritual terms – however – these events are the physical manifestation of “the unconsciousness being unveiled/unraveled, for everyone to see”. And what people need to know, is that – in order to prevent “the shadow” from reaching the stage of “narcissistic destructive rage” - it is absolutely essential to develop a healthy interaction with it. By refusing to acknowledge its right to exist and by repressing its emergence, it WILL manifest itself in a horrible way.
    And I have no idea how you Canadians are reacting to this course of events, but here in Europe, the “socialists” are generally de-validating the outcome and looking for things to blame. A currently “dominant discourse” is that “Sanders would have beaten Trump”. Which is complete and utter nonsense, because it was going to be a manifestation of the images that had already been established in the collective unconsciousness. Which means it was going to be Trump or an equivalent of that archetype (which I shall refer to as ‘the Antichrist’, the most repressed element of the unconscious).
    To conclude this email, I would like to say that nothing in the future is necessarily “fated to happen”. It is indicated in Scripture that the mechanisms of ‘reality creation’ would be unveiled near the “end times”. And that is currently happening in the form of ‘quantum physics research’ and an increased understanding of depth psychology. The final outcome will be determined by the way WE CHOOSE TO ACT.
    If we consider ‘Trump’ (and similar manifestations) to be “a negative animus expression”, then we could compare it to various myths and legends about a man who had been cursed and transformed into a monster. He then meets a lady who approaches him with Love and resurrects the cursed prince (Trump, haha, funny metaphor…sorry!  ). And I believe we must understand the core message of these ancient stories: it describes the modus operandi to choose. And I believe the same applies to your own current “hot potatoe”: transgender (which again reflects the entire animus/anima, masculine/feminine issue so accurately). I highly appreciate the way you handle that: you are kindly inviting them to communicate, you are trying to “unveil” it (which is the right thing to do, as it wants to be expressed, and it WILL). Of course, “socialists” are entirely blinded by their ideology, and believe that it’s better to shove it down by giving it Truth-denying substitutes to prevent its emergence. That is comparable to using addiction to forcefully repress inner anger/rage…. Not healthy and it has consequences!
    To get to the point: first of all, I would love your message to be available for Belgian people as well, because we have our own manifestations of “the shadow” at present, and our population is enraging it…. It is important for people to genuinely understand that INNER FOCUS is the only way to go! So I would like to add Dutch subtitles to your video and spread it around here as well. I have no agenda whatsoever to personally “gain” from your work, so I would obviously always mention the source, your website, your Youtube channel. My only interest is to get this information viral. I also found a very good Youtube video that may add to people’s accurate understanding of how we create our reality ourselves. It explains the Jungian concepts in an accessible manner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEA0lIZWeOc

    Secondly, I myself feel strongly called to share my own personal journey with the world, in a very detailed manner. In an attempt to take the heat out of the present situation. I believe that knowledge of the Truth is the best way to decrease people’s inseurity and anxiety. And hopefully encourage them to be discerning in their actions. The problem is that I am only “officially qualified” as a sociologist. So it will be difficult for me to find an acknowledged “entry” in the discipline of Psychology, and to reach a critical amount of people. I was wondering if maybe you could help me get this out, or give me any suggestions that may be helpful?
    In case it makes any difference: In my astrological birth chart, my “Midheaven” (‘professional and social calling’) is situated in the last degree of Scorpio, which is also the location of Jung’s Midheaven. And since I believe that our structure is “pre-established”, I don’t think that “qualifications” are necessarily an accurate reflection of one’s natural talents.
    Anyway, I leave it entirely up to you, professor. If you don’t feel any resonance with my request, I will trust that I’ll be oriented to where I need to go.
    Thank you very much for your attention and consideration. I wish you the very best of luck in each of your endeavours, and the inner strength needed to walk through the Shadows! It gets ugly from time to time!

    Kindest regards,

    Sarah Herbots

  • Feels like such a relief to have found a community in which things like these can be discussed and talked about.

    • Care to elaborate? WOX

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