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Many of our community members are interested in finding courses on Jungian or depth psychology, and if you know of colleges, universities, or even organizations that offer those, this is a great opportunity for you to contribute your insight or experience. 

Please reply below and list any you know of....

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  • huxley college

  • John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, California just began a Depth Psychology and Expressive Arts program designed to for a specialization with Marriage and Family Therapy with a licensure track.

    This is brand new and just began in Spring of 2015.

  • Someone attending the depth psychology panel discussion today mentioned they were interested in hearing more about depth psychology programs that are available so I wanted to resuscitate this discussion thread in the hopes that more people will add to it.

    There is also a thread here that involves suggestions for undergraduate opportunities

    Please add your own suggestions here or if you have experience with them, share a bit of your experience. It would be great to hear about informal programs as well as traditional university-type courses or degrees as well so if you study with someone or attend events or retreats with certain practitioners you really like...

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  • West Georgia's psychology program is transpersonal/humanistic, not exactly Jungian but you may encounter some Jung. One of my professors has published on archetypal psychology.

  • I'm hoping to start at Saybrook University in the spring. <3

  • I recently learned that Sonoma State offers a Master's in Depth Psychology.
  • Pacifica Graduate Institute
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