As a member of the Depth Psychology Alliance, you know that dreams are important. They are messages from the deepest part of ourselves. Dreams tell us what is going on in our life, where we are stuck and where we are going.  

If you would like to tap into my in-depth experience to learn how to dive into your dreams, please consider taking the Unlock the Wisdom of your Dreams course. This is a 6-lesson course that combines nearly 20 years of experience with my past involvement leading dream courses, and groups all of that knowledge into an online format.

If you are in any kind of personal process, this course will help you to really understand your inner world. It presents a complementary balance of theory and practice. By the end, you will learn some practical skills and develop the mindset so that you can work with your own dreams either on your own or with others. I believe that this course will deepen your relationship with your inner world and enrich the experience of your life.

The course fee is $395.00 CDN. I am offering DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY ALLIANCE MEMBERS 25% discounter.  Enter Coupon Code DEPTH at check out. 

This is a NO RISK offer. If you don’t find the material valuable, no problem. Just email me by April 15, 2018, to receive a full refund.  

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