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  • Hi Christina. Welcome to the community! I love the comment you feature on you rhome page that says "Suffering of the Soul occurs when we are disconnected from the essence of who we are".

    You also make reference to your interest in the spiritual aspect of the individuation process. It reminds me how much I hold the belief that the very process of individuation introduces ongoing challenges that may lead to our suffering--yet the more aligned we are with what Jung called the "Self" with a capital S the less we will suffer, instead experiencing more of a flow.

    I am grateful for your interest and focus on the topic and deeply feel the Alliance is a place where we can all integrate soul to help in those times of conflict and suffering. Welcome again, and I hope you will share some of your work here. I have already looked at some of your blogs and would love to reference them on Twitter....

  • Welcome Christina,

    Fascinating website you have. I hope you will find this site intriguing and the various blogs, forums, and groups to your liking. Hope to see your posts soon.


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I will never forget the day that I was presented to the concept of integrity. It was early in my analysis. For several years, I had been tipping toeing around a core issue. That morning, I woke up resolved to come clean about a nasty and unpleasant side of myself – or at least that is what I thought. As I climbed the rickety old wood stairs leading to my analyst’s 3rd floor office, the shame intensified with each step. By the time, I sat in the chair, I needed to muster all my courage to…

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Celebrate the Mystery of Easter

Spiritual Transformation

All great wisdom traditions have a story of spiritual transformation. We see that these stories are important psychological experiences and usually reflect a descent followed by emergence. The themes around Good Friday and the crucifixion are particularly relevant to the individuation process. that is, the life long journey towards psychological wholeness and to live the Self’s experiment in life.

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