Wanted: Remote Sound Artist / Engineer for “SAVANNA” - Sound Myth #3. Project Description by Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

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Sound Myth #3

Project Description -

The SoundShifters sweep and compile savanna sounds and man-made song tracks alongside government wildlife conservation sweeps - via local safari teams in Brazil, Central Africa and Northern Australia. Samples are temporarily banked in home studios for distillation then uploaded to the machines at the Brower Center in Berkeley, CA.

Each outing is organized with a Journey Map. Each team uses the maps to establish the location targets and production agenda but also to better understand the conscious and subconscious triggers of the savanna ecosystem swirling in their microphones. The SoundShifters are listening for the human pressures on the savannas and the feedback songs of the plants, animals, tribes and the weather.

File transfer, storage and mixing occurs at the "SoundWomb," a rented basement office at the Center. The project director hunts and gathers through web sites, blogs, UC-Berkeley references, sound libraries and press releases to develop the final score for Sound Myth #3 project.

Journey Map - Sound Myth #3

Symbols: Open Tree Canopy; tall grasses; trickle of creek
Environmental Archetypes: Fear of human abuse; erosion (climate change); human on human violence; lost stories and land
New Stories: "The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 4: The Big Seed Incubator" - New Myth #86
Sound Archetypes (2): Crackling Camp Fire and Water Hole
Sound Myths: Journey 1 and Journey 2

Sound / Archetype Targets for Score:

* Crackling Camp Fire
* Death of the Lion
* Barnyard Animals
* Water Hole
* Swishing thru the Grasses
* Under Shade Trees
* Breath of the Mongoose Cubs
* Human Truck Coming
* Poison Field (choking)
* Erosion at the River Bank
* Another Dead Animal Rug
* Mining Alarm
* Rain on my Head
* Sun Scorchers
* We are Family
* Guns on the Plain
* Burning Momma to Dirt
* Stealing the People's Land
* Poacher's Hell

Code Name - "SAVE ANNA"

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Interested Consultants, please contact -

Willi Paul
willipaul1 @ gmail.com

Wanted - Remote Sound Artist - Engineer for “SAVANNA” - Sound Myth #3. Project Description - willi paul.docx.pdf

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