• The old saying is - every picture is worth a thousand words.  I am not a psychoanalytic, historian expert, so I will clarify a few thoughts.  Is that Freud on the right and Jung on the left?  Who are their associates - standing behind Jung, the man with the beard, smiling?  Who is the man behind Freud, sitting with his head resting on his hands?

    Are they at a remote sweat cabin?  

    • Yes, that is clearly Jung in the left foreground and Freud to the right. As to the others, have no idea, but its fun guessing who they might be. Adler, for example. And yes, this is as I recall a banyo, which is a Turkish sweat bath. The other thing that occurs to me is: who took the picture?!

  • Jung is older on that picture than Freud, isn't he?

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