As a practitioner of DFA (Duggan/French Approach) Somatic Pattern Recognition and Archetypal Pattern Analysis I have come to identify the coherently ordered water in the body as the exquisitely sensitive and responsive interface between body/psyche on one hand and environmental fields, including archetypal and other morphogenetic (form generating) fields on the other. In the blog with the same title you'll find a few articles on the subject. Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal

Following the request of a few readers to participate in a discussion of the latest of these articles, the one with the title of this discussion, I herewith open it.

Working with Beliefs in Liquid Crystal- Article IASI 2013.pdf

IASI 2011 DFA + Archetypal Field Theory.pdf


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  • I was really hoping to see an active discussion of Brigitte's article, especially given the work by Dr. Jim Oschman to explain the "living matrix", the work of Mae-Wan Ho on "liquid crystalline structure", the research of Gerald Pollack on "ordered water", and the exploratory work of movement researcher Emilie Conrad who identifies the water of the body as the major resonant organ of communication.


    • Dear Sharon,

      thank you very much for your comment. Maybe the Depth Psychology Alliance is not the perfect venue for this kind of discussion. But we might get them interested because in going into the depth of psyche one naturally finds the body. As I mentioned earlier about water being a two-way connector between environmental fields and the organism, I am convinced it does the same between organism and psyche, if one wants to see them as distinct from one another.

      So far, I have not done anything but post the articles here. I was waiting until my next article is published to do more to get people involved. It elaborates on the subject of the interaction between myofascial tone and water in a manner that I hope may clarify the dynamics I describe in Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal. I would like to post it here as well and then ask Bonnie if we could launch it as a community discussion. I believe the article comes out in February. 

      I am also working on the dfa blog, which originally was for dfa practitioners only, but we have recently decided to open it to the public. Maybe we can get a discussion going with people who are already more involved in considerations regarding the body. I'll send you an invite when I have arrranged things for it to happen.

      Best, Brigitte

  • Dear Esther,

    thank you for your interest. Actually, I don't think that the water holds the memory, but that it is sensitive and responsive to (electromagnetic/morphic/archetypal) fields that hold it. I remember having read Dr. Edward Bach years ago but don't recall much of it. If you like Dr. Emoto's work, there is a video online called "The secrets of water" that features quite a bit of his work as well as that of several other front line water researchers. What I am most interested in is the coherent order it tends to adopt when close to hydrophilic surfaces, like proteins, and the role as a two-way connector between environmental fields and the organism that is a result of it. I am going to point this out in the discussion about ancestors that is going on in the Depth Psychology Alliance at present, because I have found it to be quite relevant in that area.

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