Brigitte Hansmann commented on Depth Alliance's event The Archetypal Roots of Multi-Generational Trauma in the Americas: Part II - A Free Ongoing Community Conversation!
I didn't check my email for some days, so I did not see the announcement until just now... If I'd seen it, I would have signed up and participated in the discussion. Since I didn't, did you record and can I listen to it?
Thank you for the…"
Sep 10, 2018
Brigitte Hansmann commented on Carol S. Pearson's blog post Thriving, Cognitive Complexity, Bee Wisdom—and You
"First of all, thank you Carol! Beautiful and sweet!
In response to your answer nº 2: I feel beckoned to a life that is sweet every day. I love the image you propose that in following the beckoning I pollinate as I go. There was a time in my life,…"
Feb 10, 2016
Brigitte Hansmann commented on Brigitte Hansmann's blog post Tension, Water and the Tracks of History
"Thank you Linda! Yes, you may share my words. I think that posts on the dpa are now openly accessible to the general public. In case they're not, I have posted it also on the dfa blog:…"
Sep 3, 2015
Brigitte Hansmann posted an event

May 9, 2015 from 3:00am to 7:00am


Mar 9, 2015
Brigitte Hansmann replied to Brigitte Hansmann's discussion Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal
"Dear Sharon,
thank you very much for your comment. Maybe the Depth Psychology Alliance is not the perfect venue for this kind of discussion. But we might get them interested because in going into the depth of psyche one naturally finds the body. As…"
Jan 11, 2014
Brigitte Hansmann replied to Brigitte Hansmann's discussion Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal
"Dear Esther,
thank you for your interest. Actually, I don't think that the water holds the memory, but that it is sensitive and responsive to (electromagnetic/morphic/archetypal) fields that hold it. I remember having read Dr. Edward Bach years ago…"
Dec 17, 2013
Brigitte Hansmann replied to Depth Alliance's discussion Depth Discussion: Jung on "Satisfying the Appetites of Unknown Ancestors"
"right on!"
Dec 13, 2013
Brigitte Hansmann replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Depth Discussion: What surprising revelations have dreams provided to you? Week of 9-5-13
"There is this subject that keeps coming into my thoughts: I wonder about the effect of making a living in the arms industry on people's health, both in body and psyche, the same as other ways of making a living by creating something that is harmful…"
Sep 6, 2013
Brigitte Hansmann replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Depth Discussion: What surprising revelations have dreams provided to you? Week of 9-5-13
"Hi Craig, I had one of those: This was when we became aware of acid rain. One day, flying into Frankfurt, Gernany, I had seen the state the trees were in and decided to stop flying and to sell my car. And I did.
A couple of years later I had this…"
Sep 6, 2013
Brigitte Hansmann commented on Bonnie Bright's blog post Making a Masterpiece of Your Life: Ideas from Author Thomas Moore
"Dear Bonnie, thank you very much for this review. I had planned to be on that call, but in the end it did not work out. So it is great to at least  be able to read about it. Warm greetings, Brigitte"
Jul 27, 2013
Brigitte Hansmann commented on Silvia Behrend's blog post Leaving Las Vegas
"What I love about this text is that illustrates very clearly and in simple terms how an archetypal perspective offers a view of the entire field without getting trapped into just one pole."
Jul 27, 2013

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  • Good afternoon Brigitte - so wonderful we shall be friends and your comment about the dilemma I propose/pose is very interesting in regards to the exhale and final breath.  Did I propose/pose this dilemma and as I participate in many discussions - are you referring to The Margaret Bentley Story?  Peace + Love Linda

  • Welcome Brigitte,

    Your website brings me to relive my joy in dance and creative movement (although these old bones don't move quite as fluidly as in days gone by). I believe you will find many who share your interest on this site. I look forward to your posts about the somatic approach to the ideas shared here.


  • HI Brigitte! Lovely to see you here. It seems you were enticed by the community--which indeed speaks for itself. I hope you find much to get excited about here, and please feel free to jump in and comment or ask questions--or post some of your thoughts on archetypes especially. I hope we have a chance to meet again face to face in Italy this summer. Welcome!
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During one of the regular walks organized by the circle for the promotion of an industry museum in Geesthacht, my home town, Förderkreises für ein Industriemuseum Geesthacht, I learnt a lot about the history of the gun powder factory in Düneberg, a neighborhood in Geesthacht. It was very interesting. I flew in from Barcelona for the purpose of participating in the…
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Tension, Water and the Tracks of History

Tension, Water and the Tracks of History

The last days of August… the poster about the excess of involuntary tensions and the water that keeps the tissues of our bodies supple and elastic is at the graphic designer’s… the exploration of the tracks of history in the body last weekend revealed to the participants roots that penetrate deeply into the Earth, nourish body and soul and help them to approach matters, personal and ancestral, that are awaiting some kind of resolution,…

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Affinity and Water

An excess of involuntary tension dries out the body’s tissues –muscles, connective tissues and bones. When we manage to let go of some of it, they begin to rehydrate.

To follow the invitation to present the results of my research in this area at the 4th Fascia Research Congress involved an effort that proved excessive for my economy. Therefore, I handed the decision whether to go or not over to destiny. I was willing to bring forward my knowledge, my work power, my time and…

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An orientation of attention

Water hydrating the tissues of our bodies is exquisitely sensitive and responsive to the orientation of our attention. Most adults habitually function in an incisive mode that overrides perception of sensory information about their relationship to their inner and outer environment. An instantaneous shift in tissues responsiveness involving the whole body takes place, when attention enters a receptive mode that allows conscious experience of this relationship and enables individuals to…

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Body Wisdom Spain


III International Congress Body Wisdom Spain "Vital connections: the Essential Function of Fascia in Movement and Structure", June 6-7, in Benicassim, Spain

I will talk about

  • Towards a fuller understanding of the interaction between myofascial tone and water – Working with beliefs reflected in liquid cristal…
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Buddha's birthday


The other day I found these words in my heart, wanting to be written:
Barcelona, May 1, 2014

In a few days it will be Buddha Sok Ga Mo Ni’s birthday. As this joyous occasion is drawing near, this year, Queen Maya keeps coming to mind. 

In my work as a DFA practitioner of Somatic Pattern Recognition and Archetypal Pattern Analysis, I have the chance to observe the patterns that evolve out of the…

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The link below leads to an article published in the 2013 IASI Yearbook (International Association of Structural Integrators). It comes out of an ongoing attempt to understand how belief systems and complexes shape the body; and it is based on the author's experience in approaching psyche from the body as a DFA (Duggan/French Approach) practitioner to Somatic Pattern Recognition

Working with…

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9142440055?profile=original It has been almost a year now since Dae Poep Sa Nim bestowed on us the special energy writing painting, “The Balancing of Nature Energy Buddha”, which was distributed throughout the world. Reflecting on the past year we can see that all the countries where reproductions of the painting were hung, experienced a peaceful year, free of natural calamities. Also, there were the instances of…

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