9142440055?profile=originalIt has been almost a year now since Dae Poep Sa Nim bestowed on us the special energy writing painting, “The Balancing of Nature Energy Buddha”, which was distributed throughout the world. Reflecting on the past year we can see that all the countries where reproductions of the painting were hung, experienced a peaceful year, free of natural calamities. Also, there were the instances of countries experiencing hardships, such as the horrible earthquake in Japan, whose situations began to improve after receiving the painting, thereby avoiding potentially more catastrophic events.

This Year of the Dragon is known as a black or dark Water Dragon Year and historically is regarded throughout the Orient and other parts of the world as being difficult and often tumultuous. This is one of the reasons why there are currently numerous predictions in the media of possible adverse occurrences in the coming year.

Yesterday Dae Poep Sa Nim finished a very important painting for the Year of the Black Water Dragon. As with “The Balancing of Nature Energy Buddha”, whoever possesses the painting or its reproduction will benefit from the protection and prosperity which it brings because each brush stroke and detail is filled with Dae Poep Sa Nim’s energy and blessings. Dae Poep Sa Nim would like to offer this most precious gift to everyone who wishes to receive its benefits by making it available to download at our website. (see our website for further details, http://www.lotussangha.org/en/download.html).

We hear much negative speculation in the news without any solution for these gloomy forecasts. Dae Poep Sa Nim offers through this unique spiritual energy writing painting and the Daily Sutras the opportunity to turn this strong and difficult energy into one that is positive and calm so that we may have a peaceful and comfortable year. It is a great gift to give regardless of whether one is a practitioner or not, and irrespective of religion. The painting will bring virtue to whoever passes it on.

The painting depicts a Bodhisattva standing on the back of a black dragon in the midst of a vast ocean. Unlike common portrayals of dragons, this one has a happy countenance which looks up at the Bodhisattva. Its white crest indicates wisdom and the diamond in its mouth represents prosperity. Dae Poep Sa Nim explained that upon finding the diamond, the dragon has realized his wish and will attain enlightenment soon thereafter. While some flames do come out of its tail, they are tamed by the surrounding dolphins leaping out of the water. They represent love and harmony.

While riding on the back of the dragon, the expression of the Bodhisattva is secure and emanates positive energy and serenity. Wearing a most beautiful purple dress and adorned with exquisite jewels, She holds a bottle of golden liquid which She pours into the dragon’s mouth. In the other hand is a bright green herb, which represents good health. Facing the Bodhisattva is a toucan, known for speaking correctly and only when really necessary.

This work of art should be placed in a bedroom, living room or office. It is recommended to frame the painting in a gesture of respect, and for best results, to print it on photo paper of letter size or A4 format. The painting can be freely shared with family and friends, or whomsoever one wishes, who, in turn, can forward it to others. The intent is for as many people as possible to benefit from this very special energy. Dae Poep Sa Nim is using this painting and the reproductions downloaded from our website to send energy and blessings to you. The original painting is full of Dae Poep Sa Nim’s energy, helping to bless the whole world. Having the reproduction will help and benefit you by making you feel secure and settled.



The  secretary monks of Dae Poep Sa Nim