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Whether you are new to the course or even if you took the previous one, please take a moment to share a sentence or two about what brings you here, your interest in alchemy, or your interest in salt, black OR blue. Or, let us know what you've been doing during the several months since the last course ended. Have you seen synchronistic manifestations of alchemy in your own life? Have you studied more or elsewhere? Are there questions that have arisen in the meantime that you can post here for others to ponder?

Please get involved and share with your peers; it makes the learning so much easier and more fun when we have many voices!

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    • Hi Charlene,
      It's a bit too cold for swimming, but I did drive out to the Bonneville Speedway where cars are raced in the summer on the salt flats. The salt was in aqueous solution looking like light gray mud. I had a full body recoil reaction to the idea of stepping in it. Looked like you would sink two feet if you stepped in.
    • Hi Becky: I am fascinated by the idea that the cars race on the flats in the summer! What do you take that to be in terms of alchemy? I'm stymied! 

      You are brave to even attempt to go there and immerse, especially during winter. Yes, "like light grey mud" the Dead Sea images return with a green/grey hue. I had to be talked into going in, as I too recoiled. I'll be listening with you tonight for the next session. You are on a different time line than I am, as I'm EST but we'll all be together, even friends in Australia at the same time...which is fascinating. 


  • Hi Everyone:

    I am a psychotherapist in private practice working with dreams and with the energetic expression especially of emotion in clients, helping them get aware of and accustomed to the flow of emotional energy. 

    Another great evening of talk between you about the intriguing topic of salt. I have a few questions from last night's course. 

    If a substance has interiority does it suffer? Does, can the substance learn from suffering? What frees it from suffering? 

    What is the relationship between Shamanism and Alchemy? 

    Also I was struck by the talk between you Pat and Robert concerning the difference between the one and the many, how to understand oneself as separate (through the Red Sulphur) and yet communal, struck by the physical shape of salt. We talk about salt as if it were one, but it's many. Many grains of salt. Almost never do we use for any purpose one grain of salt. At least as far as I know. Therefore salt itself yearns for the merging and collectivity of itself in others at the same time holding 

    (stop as it was said last night) holding its own individual unique form as a salt crystal. 

    Your thoughts? Anyone? 

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