This group serves as a discussion forum for paid registrants of "A Red Book of One's Own" with Nina Ross, PhD, a 4-week interactive group in June 2016

TIME: 4pm to 6pm U.S. Pacific Daylight Time

DATES: WednesdaysJune 8, 15, 22, 29

SEE MEETING ACCESS INFO in the next section in this group.

VIDEO REPLAYS will be posted within a day or two of the original live session with access information here.

In this dedicated online 4-week experiential series, participants will be led by artist and psychotherapist, Nina Ross, PhD, to create a visual journal based on personal imagery, intuition, and active imagination. Through guided meditation, dreamwork, and discussion, we will tend to our personal creativity and our own rich inner worlds.

Visit the event page here

Participants may post comments or links to imagery, art, music, video, web sites, essays, or poetry, and engage in discussion about the course or related topics.


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Follow-up on the course

Hi everyone, Hope this finds you in a good space and integrating the powerful work you have done in the Red Book course with Nina. I encourage you to continue with the dialogue and art as a regular practice—I’m sure many of you are already doing that as a way to keep the momentum, reflection, and enlivenment that has awakened within you going in your own soul. I wanted to share three things:   1. COOL APP:  I discovered what I think is a pretty cool app on my iPhone called “Silk” that allows…

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Video replay week 4, plus course evaluation and link to 2015 interview with Nina and Bonnie

Hello everyone. The video replay is posted here (password Philemon). Please watch all replays by August 30 as they may not be available after that date. Also, we really hope you will take a few minutes and fill out a course evaluation no matter your level of participation in the course. Every voice counts to help us improve our offerings for future courses. In case you haven't had a chance to listen, we've included a link at the end of the survey to the interview Nina and Bonnie did together…

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Poem for class 4

Once more you have found me, We bear the scars of our encounters, skin flayed, heart bruised, soul ache. But you touch me now, and desire blooms like Cereus in the night lips whispering past shared breath catching. Through life times we tumble.

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Homework week # 4

Notes: Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. Rumi Via negativa. In depth psychology, we "build" down, not up. Dreams are a work on the ego. We learn a non-literal, non-egoic perspective on ourselves and life. Creation/destruction. Where in your life is destruction taking place? What aspect of you is being worked on? Make an artpiece, write a story, etc. Thanks everyone! Nina

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