Hi everyone. I thought I saw a post from Nina come through about introducing ourselves in the group forum here, but now I can't find it--so I'll repost to save her some time (Hope that's OK, Nina!)

I want to encourage everyone to just take one minute to hit "Reply" to this post and write a sentence or a few about your interest in the course, any experience you might have reading the actual Red Book, or sharing something that's emerged out of your previous work using depth methods. Then, for future discussion and sharing, you can start a new discussion with a new title/subject line at any time

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  • Dear Bonnie,

    I am so sorry for your loss.  Great strength to you and your family as you go through this difficult transition. <3

  • Thanks so much, Bonnie, especially for providing a place for the work and for people to connect from great distances.

  • hi All,

    I like the idea of doing virtual introductions on this forum, thanks Bonnie. I'm a life-long artist and devotee of the creative process / dreams / depth psychology. I have dwarfism and as a child, art-making was my sanctuary. Later, in my early 20's my life was deeply changed (for the good) by a seminal dream. I've always resonated with Jung's teachings/discoveries and am in long-term depth psychotherapy with a Jungian. These are some of the threads that piqued my interest in joining. 

    I am an avid journaler, and have kept a visual journal for over 10 years now. I am looking connect with like-minded others in this endeavor, which is what prompted me to join this group. Currently I work as a therapist / art therapist and co-lead an arts-beased process group.

    My group meet on Weds. evenings, which is why I'll be leaving the group early each time. That said, I don't think I can make the group tonight as I have a conflict in my schedule.



  • Bonnie, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We will be thinking about you.

  • Thank you for the welcome Bonnie. I am very glad to be part of this group and it is wonderful meeting everyone. I can't wait for the live session on Wednesday.

  • Hi there.  I wasn't able to join in person last week, and am enjoying watching the recording now.  About 16 years ago I found a storyteller who told myths and fairy tales from a Jungian perspective and have been in love with Jung's work ever since. I lived in Hong Kong at the time and tracked down a Jung group there, and then moved to London for 11 years where there are great resources to snuggle up with Jung's ideas. In this same Jung/mythological vein I just published a book for women considering divorce called Leaving the Castle. Over the summer I moved to the outskirts of Philadelphia and am building my practice again here and online.  Love working with dreams and art and this just seemed like the perfect class to immerse myself in and hear my soul's voice.

    • Glad to have you in the forum, Wendy. Amazing that you found a Jung group in Hong Kong and to know his work is appreciated in so many corners of the globe. 

  • Hello everyone! Thanks so much for being here. I was introduced to Carl Gustav Jung when I about 23 years old, so that's 25 years ago. As I shared in group, I would sometimes run into these extraordinary folks who communicated on this other level, in heart space. On this occasion, I was charged with convincing people to convert their Certificates of Deposit into T-Bills. I had an appointment with an older gentleman. I've never forgotten him, but I'll just call him B. Ney here. He had these sparkling blue eyes, and just emanated all around. So, we were talking about investments, but my office was housed in what was then the local arts council gallery, so we were surrounded by these beautiful paintings. I had pointed out some symbolism in the one hanging in front of my desk. So as we spoke of investments, there was actually this whole other conversation going on simultaneously. I usually kept my thoughts to myself during these encounters, but on this particular occasion, I decided to speak up and say, "You know, some people communicate on this one level, and then sometimes, I run into people who communicated on this other level, and its so nice to run into people who communicate on this other level." He handed me a piece of paper with an address, and told me if I appeared there at such and such time on the upcoming Sunday, I'd meet a whole bunch of people who communicated on this other level. So I went that Sunday, in my blue jeans, driving down this long, tree-lined lane to an old house. When I entered, everyone was sitting on the floor, some wearing jeans, some wearing long, flowing dresses. So, I sat down and we basically sat in silence for a good hour. I just sat there in silence, basking in the energy. I was invited back. I worked about 7 years with a Jungian analyst, doing dream therapy and some sand play therapy, a lot of pretty severe early childhood trauma to sort through, and developing a sense of Self. She was just working on her service hours at the beginning, went on to complete her doctorate. I followed her into her private practice, and at home. She is retired now, living in the South. So, I'd wanted to be a psychotherapist for as long as I could remember, and a great deal of our work was spent with me asking her about the process to make that happen. So, I've continued to work with my dreams and work toward my goals. I guess I consider this workshop, sort of like, collecting medicine, for my medicine bag. I purchased my copy of The Red Book as soon as it was released for publication, couldn't wait for it to happen, and had been waiting for the moment for a good number of years. I've read through and paused for some time on parts to reflect, and would like to revisit it in more depth. I don't think it's something to ever complete. I am about as intuitive introvert as they come, so my process for dealing with trauma, and my relationship with psyche, has always been in the form of dream symbol. It just happens to be the way the material presented itself, so that's we had to work with. So, I've always had this puzzle to solve on every occasion, but I like solving puzzles. I LOVE to paint, but do not consider myself any kind of artist. I was surprised to find so many artists in the group! I think the writing and art process, will actually be helpful to me in going deeper in my relationship with Self, and add something solid to the dream, and I hope to learn and be able to gift this process to others in my own work.  Again, thanks for being here! Feels like a virtual "Circle of Stones."

    • How lovely to hear your story, Tanya, and to know you found Jung in your 20's! It took me much longer, and I often wonder how my life would have been different otherwise. Hope you enjoy the group and find profound insights to use for yourself and others.

  • Hi Bonnie, Thank you for getting me into this forum. I am very excited about participating in this group. I have been an avid follower of Jung for many years. In fact, I put my order in for the Red Book the day the notice came out several years ago and was excited to receive my copy. I have read bits and pieces of the book and my dream and desire has been to do my own Red Book, only I called mine the Purple Book since that was my favorite color. I have used creativity my entire life and now want to use my photography as a way of exploring the symbols in my dreams and connecting with my psyche. I feel I will learn a great deal from others in this group, Nina and myself as this course continues.

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