Hi everyone. I thought I saw a post from Nina come through about introducing ourselves in the group forum here, but now I can't find it--so I'll repost to save her some time (Hope that's OK, Nina!)

I want to encourage everyone to just take one minute to hit "Reply" to this post and write a sentence or a few about your interest in the course, any experience you might have reading the actual Red Book, or sharing something that's emerged out of your previous work using depth methods. Then, for future discussion and sharing, you can start a new discussion with a new title/subject line at any time

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    • Hi Barbara. So glad to have you here. I love the idea of a "Purple Book"--maybe everyone should choose to call theirs after their favorite color :)

  • Thank you Bonnie. Will you be with us next week?

    • Thanks for asking, Marial. Unfortunately, I'm unclear at this junction. I've just had a death in my family and am needing to dedicate a lot of personal time and resources to family right now. I'll see how it goes, but feel lucky to be part of the group in whatever way I can be.

  • I've been drawn to Jung for 40 years now, studying on my own, working for several years with a Jungian art therapist, journalling, dreaming, and attending Jung Society meetings. I was so inspired last night listening to each of you speak. I want to come and have tea with every one of you!

    • Tea sounds wonderful! Maybe we can have a virtual tea at some point.

    • Great to meet you, Marial. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you live in the session last night, but knowing you have been doing Jungian work for 40 years inspires me! 

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