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Addicted to Perfection" led by Gary Bobroff


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Thank you

Hello to all, I just wanted to thank Gary and everyone on this week's call for listening to my sharing, which felt deep and meaningful. Thank you. I will miss next Monday's meeting due to another long-standing meeting which I have to attend. I look forward to hearing the recording, and being with you all again on the 14th. Be well, Kevin

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Introducing myself

Hi all, My name is Kevin, and I am sorry to say I missed the first discussion group. I expect to be able to attend next Monday's session. I did listen to the session, and the rich conversation that you all shared. I look forward to participating in the next discussion. A little about me: I am drawn to this material because I care deeply about the soul -- my own soul, the soul of others, and the soul of the Earth. I am concerned about what the patriarchal system is doing to the planet, and the…

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Thank you for this forum to extend the conversation. I am much more of a writer than a talker! I enjoyed last night's discussion and look forward to delving further into the book this week. This is all very new to me and I feel like I've been dying of thirst my whole life and finally found water, but at times it's like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. I appreciated hearing everyone's input and perspective and expansion on the material.

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