Alchemical mode of imaging

In terms of my earlier post regarding what Hillman, page 18, termed "a restoration of alchemical mode of imagining," I think we got a beautiful example of that in the way Robbie dealt with the technical audio problem re-imagining it in terms of "vitrification" - the break up of the sound as like brittle glass breaking. At that moment, he was then "in the image."

I look forward to other comments, questions, reflections and hope we can develop a lively exchange over the next few days.

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  • I'm following the series out of "real" time here in London uk,  so am operating at my own speed digesting and nibbling at the recordings and text.

    Funny how  reality shapes up up when you begin to focus or speculate. i had a turkish bath and massage last week, and moved between the different rooms all different degrees of heat, wet or dry. steam start in the tepidarium, the warm room then the caldarium,the hot room then the steam room or the sauna - incredible heat of both one dry one wet heat then cool off in the frigidarium, the cool room,  or plunge pool and go round again, all the glorious and varied sensations of warming the bones lying on hot marble, the lungs enjoying and opening to the warm steam, the tingling aliveness of the cold water. The pleasure of experiencing the different states, and the sense of purification and restoration, then take a break . How imaginative the inventors of turkish bath were in creating this system of heating and cooling and rejuvenating the human. I have to say it was lovely but a poor imitation of the turkish bath and massage I had in Turkey last summer when I totally dissolved and reformed.

    Do we suffer from poor imitations when we have not imagined fully the experience but copy ...alchemical imitatio the imitation jung of hillman? how to cultivate our own experience our own perception our own particular images I finish up in the lounge and read Alchemy..  fire is the primary fuel ...needs air, another primary,  how to regulate the heat, mixing the elements,   vessels present the style of a culture ...what is a British or Irish or American culture's vessel?

    Been thinking about flash frying in an open pan, and stewing - 

    Engaging and looking forward to furthering on the forum with all.


  • The scrape sounds didn't bother me. Typical non-mute faux pas I encounter when I'm on a conference call are:

    1. The heavy breather.
    2. The multitasker banging away on his or her keyboard.
    3. The sudden sneeze that blows everyone's headset off.
    4. The vanity ring tone (e.g., the chorus to James Blunt's "You're Beautiful").
    5. The cubicle interloper. We don't care that you're on a call we're discussing this NOW.
    6. The toilet flush. IM explodes with speculation -- who?

    ...all of which make the scrape sounds seem relatively benign. Could've been worse. :)

    A great beginning to the series.
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