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This is taken from an email I sent to Robbie:

I want to respond to the rather lengthy discussion you and PB had regarding Prometheus. You discussed Hillman's statement on page 27, "the work must always be on guard against the 'promethean sin,' steal

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I really appreciate your way of working and you Robert Bosnak & Pat Berry don't even have to explain it. I subscribe to this group, exactly because I'm not interested by the why, the how, what ever superficial, formal or

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An introductory post

Hi everyone,

I see that Bonnie wrote that I would make an introductory post, so I felt obliged to do so! I am excited about the start of the webinar within the hour.

As I approach this evening's discussion, there is a line from the text that I have b

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This post is of a practical nature: I received the email with the readings for next class, but they give page numbers and I am reading the Kindle version, which doesn't seem to have page numbers. Kindle seems to have "locations" instead. Can anyone w

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I've been thinking about different types of fire with which I have direct experience. In our modern world, we have little opportunity for direct experience with open flame fires. We have forced air heating in our houses and offices: drying, dessicati

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Hillman, poetry man

Hello, let me turn up the heat and stir the pot.


I am going to post a link to a youtube video of  Phoebe Snow singing Poetry Man and I want to dedicate it to the memory-imagination of James Hillman.  Hillman turned me on to poetry and the power of

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Alchemical mode of imaging

In terms of my earlier post regarding what Hillman, page 18, termed "a restoration of alchemical mode of imagining," I think we got a beautiful example of that in the way Robbie dealt with the technical audio problem re-imagining it in terms of "vitr

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