This post is of a practical nature: I received the email with the readings for next class, but they give page numbers and I am reading the Kindle version, which doesn't seem to have page numbers. Kindle seems to have "locations" instead. Can anyone who has the text tell me the section number pages 22-24 are in? The beginning and ending words would be helpful too. Thanks you.

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Location 278 (of 7301) in the ebook is near the starting point, it looks like. Search for following words at the top of p. 22:

    of fertility. The bitch is in heat: “Solo aestu libidinis,” the heat alone of the libido releases Mithras from the stone.

    Or search for footnote 3 and drop down a paragraph.

    Location 341 is in the vicinity of the last words of section, at bottom of p. 24:

    Moreover, these heats particularize the fire. Warmth given by a bath feels different from

    Or search for footnote 17, 1 paragraph above.

    Hope this translates,


    Oh, I just noticed Holly has replied. Well, I'll leave this note so we can see if location numbers match in different Kindles.

  • Perfect. Thanks, Holly.
  • K. Think I got it:

    Alchemist as artist of the fire, needing knowledge to speed up nature's fire. P. 22

    "if alchemy is the art of fire, and alchemists, "artists of fire,"" Location 293, 4%.

    Four grades of the fire and the difference between degrees and concrete images p. 22/3

    "Ruland's Dictionary fills out the four stages with rich descriptions." Starts at location 293 and ends at location 327, all included in the 4% reading total.

    Calcination and reduction to essence. Cooking the material in its own blood and the twice born body, the subtle body. P.24

    "The two hottest fires are intended for the operation called calcination:" Location 327 through 344 (flip the page). Ends at 5%.

    Source of the heat, the knowledge of the hand, and the need for constant practice. P.25

    "Figulus judges degrees of heat by the hand." Location 344 through 360, 5%.
  • They didn't offer snippets this time, did they? With a phrase or partial sentence you can use the search function to find the place.

    I laugh at how Kindle's designers worked so hard to simulate the experience of turning pages -- on my iPad there's even a sound effect -- but they couldn't give us page numbers. Usability fail.
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