• Holly: Thanks so much for taking the time to post these. I'll be hosting the session tomorrow and look forward hearing Robbie and Pat's take.

    Meanwhile, I would love to hear from people here, both before and after the session with your own associations, images, thoughts, and questions in response to the questions. Don't hesitate, everyone! Time is short: Now that we're nearing the end of the road for this particular course, don't let the opportunity to connect with your peers on this fascinating topic here!

  • 20. And how to understand that the definite principle that governs the "increase of fire" are images and that alchemy's insatiable spiritual drive, its "fire," requires psychological limitations? (p.53
  • 19. How is spiritual ascensionism built into alchemy by way of fire? (p.52)
  • 18. How may we understand the spiritual readings of alchemy as symbolizing with fire: its ascension, transmutation, enlightenment, intangibility, insatiability (p.50/51)
  • 17. What is meant by Norton's rules to be observed: harmony with the work; difference between this Art and those who profess it; harmony between the work and its instruments; the place most suited to its execution; between the work and the celestial sphere? (p.49)
  • 16. Let's reflect upon multiple kinds of cooking: evaporation, distillation, sublimation, congelation and fermentation (p.48) that can all be simultaneously carried out with one furnace (p.48)
  • 15. Why must a furnace have a logic of a strong, well-built, carefully joined, enduring system? (p.47)
  • 14. What might be an instance of reshaping one's life by means of feelings of emptiness? (p.46)
  • 13. How might we understand the force of the void creating the vessel? (p.45)
  • 12. Each vessel is shaped around its own emptiness. What does this mean to you?
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