Second Semester Postponed to January, 2015

F.Y.I., the Jung Platform messaged me today with the following: **** Dear Alchemy Coure participants, Some of you have not received the communication that the course was postponed till January 2015. It appeared that we had some email server problems on our site. We are very sorry for the confusion, and the annoyance this must have caused some of you. We will either refund your money, or keep you on the list for the start of the next course. If I wont’ hear from you, then I will put you on the list for the start in Janaury, and otherwise send me an email and I refund your money. As a token of our excuses, we would like to give you an audio program for free of your choice (up to $25). Please take a look at this page: and if you want one, then please send an email back to us here, and we will get you the audio product. Again our excuses, and we wish you a good weekend! Machiel Klerk Jung Platform A Platform to promote depth psychology and many programs with CEs +1 801.656.8806

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