listening to Session 7 and the line from p. 36, "It takes heat to subdue the innate resistance of a substance, a heat gentle enough to melt the stubborn and fierce enough to prevent regression to the original state."

It makes me think of when in dreams something happens that is scary or uncomfortable (something has broken through the habitual "crust') the dream ego/habitual self want immediately to return to the "original state" before the happening.  That's where the heat of the dream work comes in, in Pat's case when she worked with the man in khakis and kept the heat up until she "got it" or when Robbie allowed the embodied transit of the dog to happen through the heat of attention where the subtle nature was revealed.  

This speaks to something I was thinking about the other day, the question of if healing can happen through the dream alone, in the Asklepian dream sanctuary, or does it require work in the waking world to effect healing, the priests of the temples or dream workers? I am tending toward the later.  If we are wanting healing of something in this world, we can access the medicine from the other worlds, and apply it here in this world through the dream work.  

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