• I am from Germany, and the live session takes place at 3 am German time. Therefore I am hearing the session later.

    I would like to know whether anybody has received the link to the recording of the second session so far?

    All the Best,


    • I was traveling and missed to online session -- so far I have not seen a link to the recording either.
  • Everyone was Raptured. ;)
    • Education Institution

      Love it! If only....

      Wonder what the equivalent to the Rapture is in Alchemy? The philosopher's stone? (from Bonnie)

  • Yes, it did crash but can now hear Bonnie & Patricia

    • Yes, if anyone reading this is not on the link, sign back on. Bonnie is working on it. Pat is on but Robbie is not yet back on. So sign back on using the original link

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