Agenda for Board Meeting #2 -- February 24, 2013

Here's list of agenda items for our call. It would be miraculous to get through all of them in an hour--but as we're still in the early stages, I'd like to think we can mention each with a few minutes of orientation so we can either move on it offline during the month--or just get it "out there" so we can all start acclimating and getting used to some of the ideas. I've probably forgotten a few things, too--but we'll do the best we can..

Agenda for Board Meeting #2 – Sunday, February 24, 2013

  1. Astrology – Alliance and personal
  2. How is everyone doing with communication and notices? Do we need to do anything different?
  3. How is everyone doing with welcomes and posts: is everyone able to keep up? Do we need to do anything different?
  4. Mission Statement (status, timeline, next steps)
  5. 30-Second Depth Psychology Description (how to proceed: Forum post? Included in a larger survey to members?)
  6. Discuss the idea of “Community Ed”—inviting members to set up and deliver their own content as webinars or teleseminars
  7. Re-visit the decision on making the group Open or Closed--- and/or Review current Membership Questions
  8. Discuss the idea of Re-arranging/simplifying the home page & navigation
  9. Brainstorm ideas to drive traffic daily (Quote of the day? You heard it here? Free giveaway (i.e. Sandra Dennis Book)
  10. Board events? Film + discussion? Fireside chats?
  11. Logistical tasks: social media, newsletter, teleseminar moderation, etc.
  12. March meeting: Saturday, March 30 at 11am (day before Easter)

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