Hi everyone,

First, please take a few minutes to look over the two attached documents. On is "Suggested Definitions, Standards & Roles" which

  • aims to give us some common language and structure as a board so we can talk about the roles and tasks that each committee and group will be working on.
  • includes suggestions for five essential committees, similar to the ones we have talked about and worked on in the past.

Second, there is a suggested agenda for Friday's meeting:

  • We will spend the bulk of the time discussing these standards and roles and shoot for populating the committees and assigning goals for the upcoming month.
  • We will also take some time to review our communications process and discuss the value of establishing a Board Chair and a Secretary to log and archive Minutes for our meetings


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  • Read.

    Replying like a I, T, J type and not my E, F, P type :-)

  • Hey,

    I have read these documents and have already notified Bonnie of my absence tomorrow. Sounds like it will be a lively discussion and I am sorry that I can not make it. Feel free to leave me on the Member Experience Committee...or if it looks more productive, leave me out and I can jump in where needed after those present at the meeting have chosen groups. 

    Take care people,


    • Missed you on call, Mark. 

    • Sorry that I will not see you! You have such an amazing energetic presence so when you are not with us I surely notice it. Be well friend! 

  • Bonnie, mea culpa (face red over here).
  • Read. C u Friday :)

    • Thank you, Brent! I can tell you did indeed read the section on responding to posts in this group. You rock! See you Friday.

  • Bonnie, are you going to list the committees you have decided to start with?  I know there was some committee areas suggested by Dorene in her earlier post, but are these what you have decided on?

    Read your documents above, looking forward to a lively discussion tomorrow...D

    • Donna: The committees are listed with descriptions of what they cover on page 2 of the Standards document, so be sure to scroll. 

      They are essentially the same as Dorene posted previously, except that we have eliminated "Fundraising" because we felt each of the committees can/should prioritize that  function with whatever project they choose to work on.

      Here is the overall list once again:

      • Executive/Administrative Committee
      • Programs & Events Committee
      • Member Experience Committee
      • Outreach Committee
      • Education Committee
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