Next Alliance Panel Webinar: June 20

Hi everyone,

Looks like my instincts were good about how busy everyone will be in July. The winning date for our next Panel/Webinar with at least 7 of us being able to attend is Saturday, June 20 at Noon PDT.
Mark your calendars! This only gives us three weeks to promote but it should be enough. Please share with lists and on social media, etc.
1). I think we should all promote the previous panel recording and James’ video. As you recall, we had kept it to Alliance members for the time being with the option to open to the general public after a few weeks. Should we make the video and panel public on YouTube now and share it widely? —or continue to promote/share but keep sending people to the Alliance page so they have to sign up to see the links?
2). In the same vein, shall we only allow Alliance members to sign up for the new upcoming panel webinar?—this way it serves as a benefit/reward to members and perhaps motivation for new members
3). What shall we call it? Shall we keep the “What is Depth Psychology?’ as the name of the series and add a tagline that is more specific or more explanatory? I wondered if we lost some prospective attendees with the name last time since maybe people who already think they “know” what depth psychology is may not have been motivated to attend? I think the Alliance can be known as a destination for this very important dialogue since I don’t see any other organizations really having it….

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  • 1) Ditto what Craig is suggesting. A successful marketing guru, Brendon Burchard, uses this all the time, allowing all interested people access to everything. He claims this has increased the number of people visiting his site and signing up for him books and seminars significantly; everything links back to his website - a kind of cross pollination, if you will;

    2) I think anyone who wants to sign up and listen should be able to, just have to give their email - the Alliance can grow number of contacts this way and you could follow up via the email they provided with invitation to join;

    3) I like your suggestion here.

  • Sounds good w/ everything. Will help promote. 

    Probably fine to keep the same title or add a subtitle. 

    I look forward to the 20th!

    Oh, btw, I think you accidentally put 'May' instead of 'Jung' on some of your recent FB posts.

    • Thanks for catching the May date error, Brent. I went back and corrected as soon as I saw your note that same day and think I managed to catch them all before too much damage was done :)

      Good eye!

  • 1. How about posting on YouTube with an ad/link to the Alliance registration page?

    2. Yes. Well, maybe. No strong opinion about this.

    3. Sounds good to me unless someone has a catchier title idea.

    See you on the 20th--

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